The recent Australian Federal election showed us how some voters can get hung up on ‘winners and losers.’ Understandably, some people can get upset and even angry when the candidate or party they believe to be the best for the top job, fails to get elected. But if we can pull back and allow ourselves to think more critically about what is fed to us via the media and other advertising platforms, then we can refrain from fearing that all will come tumbling down when the ‘other party’ wins. When we ground ourselves and see ourselves as powerFull, rather than powerLess, then whether ‘our team’ ‘wins’ or ‘loses,’ we can still make our intention count.

It’s scary to think we have to change the world, or our own country. It can be overwhelmingly scary because there’s so much we want to change. Yet, when we begin by doing something within our reach, something within our capacity, we can make a difference. Doing something that is do-able, achievable can also be self-empowering. The love, peace and joy you want to see in our world… the good, the kindness, the clean environment, the integrity, the honesty, starts with you as much as it starts with me. Feel it deep within you, respond with courage and honest authority, and you will begin to slowly see it in your life. Then, and only then, can it infiltrate further and become the norm in our world. The peace we want will come, of this I am certain. But the how is up to us. Will it come through devastation or will it come peacefully, because we have aligned ourselves with the requirements of our Universal Time Cycles?  

The World’s current 225 Major Time Cycle is one which brings experiences intended to prompt responses that are ‘high end.’ Check out these typical high-end questions- Are you willing to be understanding when others fail to understand you? Are you willing to be forgiving when others hurt you? Are you willing to love when others do not love you or when others reject you? Are you willing to be generous and giving when others are stingy and miserly towards you? Of course, such responses are not easy, they are extremely difficult in fact. You can see why I call them high-end. And yet, these are the very responses Life is prompting us to make, demanding us to make. These are the responses that will change our lives, our environment and our world. Yes, we can still use right judgment and say it’s wrong to keep pumping effluent into our oceans, it’s wrong to intentionally hurt another…but we must also ask ourselves, “what can I do to make a difference for the better? How can I, in my own life first and then possibly in the wider community, make a difference for the better?”

Once we begin feeling the authentic power and peace that comes with living like this, from these ‘high-end’ qualities, we will be on our way to transcending all that is less, all that opposes this. Sure, we cannot change what we do not like in an instant, in a day. For sure, much is out of our control, but we can control our responses and so build the life we want for ourselves and for others, day by day. Only in this way can we lessen the fear which threatens to render us falsely powerless, angry or submissive. 

We’ve tried force and it has not worked. Nor will it work. Of this I am also certain. So, I urge you to make your intention for the good you want to see, count. I encourage you to speak and feel these words, born from the heart, for whoever is leading your country. For whoever is leading you, in any situation. And also for yourselves, for those you lead, for those who are in your charge, in your personal and professional life. Let this be your silent prayer, your intention, your mantra, “May they/I lead with Wisdom, Integrity, Acumen and Divine Guidance.” Because for sure, if every leader lead from this base, environmental problems would be fleeting, economic and relationship problems would be minor, and the good health, peace and prosperity we crave, would be visible and apparent. We would be living them now.

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