Monday 15  to Sunday  21  April, 2019…


Once you know your Personal Year Number you are ready to read your Weekly Numbers.   


If you don’t know your PY number, here’s how to work it out for 2019  … just remember that your Personal Year Number changes with your birthday – this is very important!

Add the day and month of your date of birth to the calendar year of your last birthday. This can be 2018 or 2019 depending on when you last celebrated your birthday. Your Personal Year Number changes every time you have a birthday.  

Example for someone born 22nd December 2018: Add together (2+2 day)4 + (1 + 2 month)3 + (2+0+1+8  year of your last birthday)11, 1+1=2. So we have 4+3+2 = 9 Personal Year Number. Keep adding until the numbers are reduced to a single digit.

Example for someone born 10th January 2019: Add together (1+0 day)1 + (1 month)1 + (2+0+1+9  year of your last birthday)12, 1+2 = 3. So we have 1+1+3 = 5 Personal Year Cycle. Keep adding until the numbers are reduced to a single digit.


Now you’re ready to check out your numbers for the week ahead!  






If you are currently in a 1 Personal Year  

– Property and/or career matters are scripted into your agenda this week. Your numbers suggest that you take a business approach even if those with whom you are dealing share a little piece of your heart or purse. Do not allow your sensitivity about a matter to dampen the joys of life.

Your best response to this week’s numbers –

  • Respond to any changes regarding business or property from a balanced business perspective.
  • With the sensitive 2 in Challenge position, be aware of your emotions, they may not allow you to ‘see’ people and situations in true perspective.
  • Anything you have to say is best said impersonally.


If you are currently in a 2 Personal Year 

– Your numbers reflect lots of love around you however, your challenge numbers are adamant that how much love you give and receive rests on what you communicate to yourself and those around you. A time for conclusions. With your feelings and emotions taking the lead, relax, be positive – allow yourself to love and be loved

  • Be optimistic, Life challenges you to be so this week.
  • Let go of anything that is negative, including feelings and thoughts.
  • See the beautiful – in yourself and humanity.


If you are currently in a 3 Personal Year 

– Both your governing and challenge numbers fall into what we call intellectual and practical areas this week. With this in mind, your emotions should be somewhat steadier than, so make the most of this by working them to deliver on your intentions.

Your best response to this week’s numbers –

  • Look ahead with trust in the macro of Life.
  • Assume your rightful place with authority and confidence and tackle one issue at a time.
  • Summon up the courage, initiative and foresight offered in your number 1 directive this week.


 If you are currently in a 4 Personal Year 

– You cannot avoid facing the music this year, even if it’s not your favourite tune, and this week’s numbers are set to weigh down on your emotions – UNLESS, that is, you direct your numbers from a positive base. Take your time to respond when prompted and take a live and let live approach. Relationships can be sensitive.

Your best response to this week’s numbers –

  • Avoid becoming overwhelmed, do what you can and have faith that the rest will fall into place.
  • For best results, Life asks you to be both resourceful and flexible.
  • Knowing when to direct and when to be directed will give you the best outcome.


–If you are currently in a 5 Personal Year 

– Settling things may prove difficult this week. Instead, your numbers ask that you look beyond the ordinary as you envision just what can be achieved with a little more time. More consideration and less focus on the “shoulds” of life. Give yourself some space if responsibilities feel weighty.

Your best response to this week’s numbers –

  • Be creative in your responses, it’s not so much about going ‘by the book.’
  • Find a reason to celebrate with those who bring joy into your life.
  • Make time to dream. 


If you are currently in a 6 Personal Year  

– Your numbers for this week are pretty blunt in their expectations – you will be expected to not only be practical and supportive but also to be realistic in what Life gives you to experience. It’s about accepting what is, even though you may prefer it were not so.

Your best response to this week’s numbers –

  • Something new or a new perspective moves closer to reality.
  • Time to be supportive, but not burdened.  
  • Avoid letting any news weigh you down. See it clearly, for what it is and no more.


If you are currently in a 7 Personal Year 

 – This may prove to be a busy week with change on the cards. Having others in your corner may help, or then again they may add to the feeling that something is out of your control. It’s not about money this week, so don’t make it a priority.

Your best response to this week’s numbers –

  • Respond to any change with equilibrium rather than anger.
  • Be more flexible than set with your responses.
  • Be accepting of what others can do for you.


If you are currently in an 8 Personal Year 

 – Your numbers suggest this is the week for you to implement at least one of those ideas that you have been turning over in your mind; you may want to get something settled but if more time is needed, take it. A caring and non-judgmental attitude is required on your part.  

Your best response to this week’s numbers –

  • Celebrate the harmony and love of family.
  • Be of service, through your work or in other humanitarian ways.
  • Feel the gratitude that others give for all you do, or for just being you.


If you are currently in a 9 Personal Year 

  • Your numbers suggest that you take a more subjective look at what’s going on in your life, look at the bigger picture. But if you feel like taking to your corner for some space, that’s ok, as long as you don’t stay there too long.

Your best response to this week’s numbers –

  • An opportunity to bring something to fruition.
  • Asking the big questions may mean that you yourself might have to come up with answers.
  • Be more selective in your choices and with whom you spend your time.
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