Friday 15  to Thursday 21  March, 2019…


Once you know your Personal Year Cycle Number you are ready to read your Weekly Numbers.   


If you don’t know your PY number, here’s how to work it out for 2019  … just remember that your Personal Year Number changes with your birthday – this is very important!

Add the day and month of your date of birth to the calendar year of your last birthday. This can be 2018 or 2019 depending on when you last celebrated your birthday. Your Personal Year Number changes every time you have a birthday.  

Example for someone born 22nd December 2018: Add together (2+2 day)4 + (1 + 2 month)3 + (2+0+1+8  year of your last birthday)11, 1+1=2. So we have 4+3+2 = 9 Personal Year Number. Keep adding until the numbers are reduced to a single digit.

Example for someone born 10th January 2019: Add together (1+0 day)1 + (1 month)1 + (2+0+1+9  year of your last birthday)12, 1+2 = 3. So we have 1+1+3 = 5 Personal Year Cycle. Keep adding until the numbers are reduced to a single digit.

Now you’re ready to check out your numbers for the week ahead!  






If you are currently in a 1 Personal Year 

– If your preferred operating mode is one where you are at the ship’s helm, one where you can call the shots, then this week’s numbers might rock your boat. But only to show you what’s possible when you release the controls and invite your intuition to guide you.

Your best response to this week’s numbers –

  • Go with the flow.
  • Observe what’s going on before responding.
  • If you want to maintain a degree of control, you’ll need to make a concerted effort.


If you are currently in a 2 Personal Year 

– If you are familiar with the meaning of numbers, you will know that the 8 is considered to pack a punch. It’s power packed. But did you also know that it keeps testing you in order to push you to deliver the wealth of success lying within you? The 8 is operative for you this week.

Your best response to this week’s numbers –

  • With the 2 in Challenge position, combine sensitivity with the 8’s mental control for best results.
  • Are you being overly sensitive? Ask yourself the question, because it’s not always the other person.
  • Respond with a sense of authority, but be careful to not alienate those that matter in your life.


If you are currently in a 3 Personal Year 

– We operate on four levels – physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. Which drives you, your emotions or your intellect? No matter. Just be sure you don’t get lost in your feelings and emotions this week, as your numbers endeavour to coax you into being the magnanimous person you were born to be.

Your best response to this week’s numbers –

  • Be understanding if something doesn’t deliver as expected.
  • Maintain optimism without losing out on reality.
  • Take the opportunity to bring something to a close.


If you are currently in a 4 Personal Year 

– At times the Universe seems to disregard our preferred operating preference. This week’s numbers ask you to muster your brains to come up with the solution. If you do this, then you can rest assured that you have taken a step in the best direction.

Your best response to this week’s numbers –

  • Put your creative brain to work, subtly. Subtly, because creativity doesn’t respond well to stress.
  • Avoid going at 100mph, slow down.
  • Be methodical and realistic in your approach.


If you are currently in a 5 Personal Year 

– With the number 5 in challenge position, this week you can be forgiven for thinking that what’s important to you may not be seen by another as a priority. It’s a week for you to rise above what could otherwise be a relationship hiccup, and by relationship I mean anyone with whom you relate – from the pizza delivery guy to your lover. A week when your responses can either dim or magnify your light – you choose.

Your best response to this week’s numbers –

  • Don’t react, think it out first and then respond.
  • Your best response is knowing when to take the lead and when to team play.
  • Be more resourceful than reactive.


If you are currently in a 6 Personal Year 

– Looks like you’re in for another week where emotions take centre stage. You are in a caring and supporting year – and when you serve willingly you will be rewarded in more ways than you may think. This is a week where you can go from being over-caring to avoiding it altogether.

Your best response to this week’s numbers –

  • Advise without being pushy, even if you know you’re right.
  • How you say it can make all the difference.
  • Try a more light hearted approach. Express more joy.


If you are currently in a 7 Personal Year 

– This is the week where you seek to know what’s going on with that matter. You may want to grab hold of that control panel and not let go. There’s something in the air which does not rest easy with you, but in reality you must ask yourself how much of this is truly your problem?

Your best response to this week’s numbers –

  • Be more objective in your outlook.
  • It won’t bog you down unless you dig your heels in.
  • Be supportive, mix and avoid being too serious.


If you are currently in an 8 Personal Year 

– I hate to tell you, but if you avoided getting that stuff finished last week, this is going to be one very busy and full-on week for you. A degree of space is there but don’t be surprised if you are tempted to lose your cool over someone, or something not going as you had planned. Change is in the air.

Your best response to this week’s numbers –

  • Understand that others may not see what you can see.
  • Avoid making money a top priority, it’s there to work for you, not hold you back.
  • Look at everything that comes to you from a view of good opportunity- be more businesslike.


If you are currently in a 9 Personal Year 

– This is a week when you will be expected to show how much it means to you to be part of a family – your family, or those not linked by blood but whom you may consider as family. Don’t disappoint yourself or someone else – your numbers indicate an all or mediocre potential. What’s your choice?

Your best response to this week’s numbers –

  • Life’s offering you a chance to shine, take it and be rewarded.
  • Bring family members together in harmony, in some way.
  • Teach by example, it’s the only way that brings true reward.
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