Reincarnation can be an interesting topic of conversation, but it can also kill a conversation, as I experienced during a lunch with friends some years ago. When someone brought up the topic I noticed that two others at the table deliberately turned away, ignoring the subject. I knew then that for some people, reincarnation was still not credible, for others still, it was strictly taboo. I understand this and so also accept that some of you may not wish to read the remainder of this article. I’ll admit, I haven’t always believed. There is a great deal of evidence in books and documentaries, should you wish to delve further. For me, it has become an area of consciousness that I find intriguing and empowering. Now, after all these years I can share with you what I have come to know and see reflected in numbers, which for me, further confirms its existence.

When I do a Life Profile consultation, I will look at a client’s chart for recent past experiences to see if and how it is influencing their present. During a consultation with Ellen (not her real name), her Life Profile reflected a relationship crisis in previous years. She confirmed this was true and asked me if I could see whom this involved. My reply was in the negative. But the reason I didn’t know went far deeper and far wider than Ellen’s current experience.

Our lives are governed by Time Cycles of varying periods of duration (I’m currently writing a book on this, to be published this year, 2019). The experiences set up within these cycles of time are intended for us at specific times in our lives as opportunities to practise and strengthen the very qualities they represent. The person involved in Ellen’s relationship crisis, be that her romantic partner, her mother, son, work colleague or friend, was dependent on the responses she made in past years that had over time evolved to include this particular person in the experience set up by her soul and Divine intent. The how and with whom it would be played out however, was left open and would be determined by Ellen’s responses and those in her life at that time.

The experience was intended to take her relationship skills to another level of personal development and soul evolvement, written when her soul was preparing to once again enter the earth plane in a new body. The experiences determined, would be recorded in her name and date of birth, which I call a Life Profile and would provide opportunities to balance any negative Karma accumulated in past lives. Also recorded would be her character, personality, strengths, natural ability, weakness, challenges and opportunities open to growth and evolutionary development.  In the words of Louisa May Alcott, “I think immortality is the passing of a soul through many lives or experiences; and such as are truly lived, used, and learned to help on to the next, each growing richer, happier and higher, carrying with it only the real memories of what has gone before…this accounts for the genius and great virtue some show here. They have done well in many phases of this great school and bring into our class the virtue or gifts that make them great or good.” In addition, Henry Ford believed that “Genius is experience… it is the fruit of long experience in many lives. Some are older souls than others, and so they know more.”

I encourage you to look back at your life and see how the decisions you have made in past years, intentionally or not, have led you to where you are now. Do this without fear or regret, but with love and compassion for yourself and those who were a part of those experiences. In the same way, look to the future and see where the decisions you are making now will take you. It’s never too late to discover your true self, the unique and wonderful person you were born to be and the experiences set in place to make it happen for you; to discover your place of influence, where you best shine, so you can maximise success and happiness in this, your current life.

May you live and be, Love Peace Joy…now and forever.

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