Have you noticed…


…how your relationships with family and friends have changed over the years? But perhaps “evolved” would be the more appropriate word, the more truthful word, to best describe the happenings and outcomes of our interaction with others, especially the “others” we consider most significant in our lives.

As the years pass, some of our relationships become stronger, some less strong, some people move out of our lives, new ones enter in. Some relatives and friends whom we saw or spoke with several times a week, we now connect with several times a year, or several times a decade. Some may ask, “Is this a bad thing?” 

In the Cosmic landscape of the soul there is no bad or good; bad and good are merely how we perceive things to be – it’s our perception that creates labels. But there’s no doubt that perceptions of who’s right and who’s wrong can and do create pain in relationships.

A more honest way of looking at it is that the heart of the connection has changed. But at the same time the connection can still exist, if you want it to. If you accept that your relationship is now different, that it has changed, and you are willing to maintain a connection, however small, then this allows possibilities for evolvement to still exist, evolvement which can take you in either direction – towards strengthening or distancing the connection. 

Change is a certainty in our lives – but how you view the change and your response to it, is what determines stagnation and bitterness or evolution and spiritual growth. With the new year just begun, perhaps now is an opportune time to take another look at our relationships and the state of our heart connection to them. 

Perhaps now is the time to acknowledge that people will continue to act in ways that hurt you or ways you do not like, that some of your friends and family are insensitive and they “should know better.” That it’s OK for you to say “no, not today”, or “yes” to just a coffee instead of an all afternoon lunch or into the night dinner.

You are here, after all, to be true to yourself, to be the whole of your parts, to live with your “integrity compass” switched on. And in so doing, know that in the Cosmic landscape of your soul, in that landscape which is All-knowing, all is well..

May you be, know and live – Love, Peace and Joy, full to overflowing…🌻


PS- Perhaps you may remember this article which I wrote and posted in 2013? I’m sure you agree when I say it’s still relevant in 2019, hence re posting for those who missed it the first time around, or for anyone wishing to read it again.  



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  1. Gaylene
    February 7, 2019 at 8:14 am — Reply

    Excellent article! Totally relevant to any year I’d say. Thank you, Anna.

    • February 7, 2019 at 10:38 am — Reply

      Glad you enjoyed reading it Gaylene.

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