In 2019 we enter the third year of our current 225 Major Time Cycle directed by the number 9. Keep in mind that this sits within the current Century Time Cycle directed by the number 3 which itself sits within the current Millennium Time Cycle directed by the number 2. We have a combination of governing numbers that are emotional and feeling in their nature. This is why so many people can move from a healthy sensitive to an ultra touchy touchy sensitive in 20 seconds. Sensitivity is an asset because it allows us to connect with others on a deeper level, but when we allow it to move into ultra sensitive mode, it becomes a liability, a handicap, particularly when relating with others. These world cycles form the background to your own personal cycles of time. They overlap and interact with each other, each with an agenda to fulfill their mission within their allotted time span. Sometimes complimenting each other, sometimes opposing each other.

Let’s take a quick look at the 225 MTC. Here we have the hidden Master 22 which gives us, humanity, the opportunity to achieve what most would consider unachievable (more on the 22 Master here) And let’s face it – with all that’s going on in our world, it would be easy to throw in the towel and say, “it’s all too hard, we cannot turn this around.” Yet this 22 Master says we can. But only if we align ourselves with its requirements for success.

This number tells us it won’t happen if we muscle our way into what we want. It’s more about working with others and circumstances. For example, it’s not about the Australian government forcing parents to immunise their children or threatening to stop their subsidies if they don’t. When we understand the success written in this Master 22 we come to know that the best response for a successful outcome would be for government officials and concerned parents sitting at the table with the intention of finding a solution which would most benefit the health of Australian children. As I write this Paris is under siege.  “Authorities said an estimated 31,000 protesters had turned out across France in what’s being called the ‘yellow vest revolt’ ( French authorities forcing these protesting citizens into submission will not work. Once again, the best approach is for the French government to dialogue with these people – in a genuine effort to bring about the best solution possible. Protests such as these will not go away. They will increase, not just in France but also in other countries. People power is on the rise, and they will continue to protest until those in authority are willing to hear them out and actually do something about the circumstances/concerns for which they are protesting. Both parties then need to meet half way in accepting a resolution. Those joining groups with the intention of initiating change, need to make sure the group with whom they align themselves is genuinely intent on making changes for betterment and not adding to the problem.     


The 9 Directive

The number 9 governing our current 225 MTC will keep bringing experiences that prompt us to respond with the high end qualities of forgiveness, understanding, compassion and loving without strings, giving without asking ‘what’s in it for me.’  Let’s face it, it’s not easy to forgive, especially when as we know, forgiveness is only applicable when someone hurts us. But we must be willing to forgive, if things are to change for the better. It’s not easy to be understanding, but we need to be, especially when others lack understanding, when we ourselves are misunderstood. Until we are willing to respond from these ‘high end’ qualities, the tough experiences will keep coming. When we are not willing to forgive those more distant from us, Life will bring us opportunities with those closest to us, which is more painful.

There have been times in my life when I have said to myself, as you have also, I’m sure, “I can’t understand how she/he can be like that, can say that.” And then Life presents me with a similar experience, so I can understand. I have now made it a priority to never again say, “I cannot understand….” Because in all honesty, we are all capable of most things that others do or say, given the same circumstances. This doesn’t mean we turn away from what is happening – we still see murder for what it is – murder. But we refrain from judging the murderer. He/she will be held accountable by the law of the land and also Divine Law. We must rise above the atrocities, injustices, unfairness if we are to turn the violence to peace, the sorrow to joy. For this reason we are being asked to respond from our higher selves. It’s tough but doable. But only when we align ourselves with that all powerful and loving Divine Self within us.


Let’s go to 2019

The softer qualities of the number 2 remain active for this millennium, just as the 1 of the past millennium remained active in that period of 1000 years. The 2 is the number of cooperation, tact and diplomacy, of responding more gently, with more persuasion than force. These are the qualities that will encourage good, meaningful and peaceful relationships from the bedroom to the boardroom. These are the qualities that will give you the edge, personally and professionally. Simply put, how well or not you manage these interplays with those in your life will determine your degree of happiness or unhappiness. I’ll admit, it’s not easy to function amicably, or lovingly, with people who don’t see things as we see them. It requires tenacity to keep trying when you don’t even like the person. But again I say, you don’t have to like them, only love them. ‘Love’ the verb, is what we do to show someone that even though we cannot share a life with them. We wish them no harm, but that’s not enough. We must also want what’s best for them. Sometimes it’s those closest to us from whom we want to run away. It may be a parent, a grown up child, a work colleague, a romantic partner perhaps, to whom we want to say, “I love you, but I cannot live with you. Or, I cannot spend the day with you, but I’ll have a coffee with you.”

Sometimes it may be necessary to trim relationships, or maybe cut them altogether. If you believe you must, believe also that it must be done with love. I cannot stress the importance of this enough. We are 18 years into this millennium, it’s still a beginning time. Throughout 2018 we’ve witnessed many public relationship crisis. How many of his team has Trump fired? I’ve lost count! Look at Theresa May dealing with the EU and Britain’s Brexit- major crisis. In Australia another Prime Minister was ousted by his own party – relationship crisis between parliamentarians who can’t get out of the way of their own egos and think it will all go away by changing leaders. I’m sure in your own life you’ve had someone or some incident shatter your peace in some painful way during 2018, even if it was unintentional. It was a year just for this. A year for us to practise better relationships as Life delivered minor hiccups for some and major hiccups for others. Some experienced loved ones going out of their lives and unable to stop it. But it’s your response that counts, that steps you up or down a notch, in strength, love and character. How did you handle it? After the dust settled, did you manage to find the love and goodwill in your heart that 2018 encouraged and at times demanded of you?   


How the numbers stack for 2019

If you’re expecting 2019 to be a magical year which will bring you only what we refer to as happy or good experiences, you’ll be disappointed. If you’re expecting 2019 to be a year which offers you the chance to better yourself in some way, whether spiritually, materially or both, then you won’t be disappointed. You’ll be given experiences to encourage you for that very purpose. There’s nothing magical about that, though if you play your numbers right, you may come to discover that you yourself can create a little magic, or even a lot of magic in your life in 2019.

The 19 hidden in 2019 is a Karmic number. A number which pushes us towards self sufficiency and self sustenance. This will be felt by nations, corporations and individuals, even if it’s not openly apparent. It asks, and sometimes will demand, that in considering what’s best for you when making decisions, that you also consider the effect your choices will have on those involved. Whether that other is a loved one, a neighbour, China, the US, Pakistan, Greenland…  If you can manage to walk through these numbers with positive responses, you shall arrive at the 3 Directive with more light heartedness than a heavy heart. With much more joy than regret.  

2019 is a year intended for self expression- through the spoken word, the written word, the intellect and the emotions. With more emphasis on communication, take note of how you communicate your emotions and words to those in your life. Be aware of this and make sure you express your emotions and feelings in ways that keep any strong personal pride in check. Those in authority need to remember this and understand that an inflated ego can derail them.

This is a year intended for self improvement. So choose what about yourself you wish to improve and move with it. Ask yourself in what way you can enhance your life, then marry this with your own personal number experiences and you’ll come out a winner. 2019 is a year which encourages friendships, as individuals and as nations. Entertain more, say ‘yes’ to invitations more…let your hair down more…romance more…eat more gelato!

The number 3 which governs 2019 is the number of the young and elderly. Bearing in mind that the 3 also directs this century, we can expect more injustices/issues relating to the young and elderly to come to the surface and be dealt with this year. We can also expect youth protests and walks to increase. The young and the elderly will have a greater voice and more power – let’s hope it is implemented and used in ways that benefit not only these two groups but also the greater communities and the world.

2019 asks us to be more optimistic when things don’t go our way. So please do not lose faith or sink to a low mood when this happens. Look at it for what it is – Life giving you the chance to practise and skill up in optimism. We are asked to look at Life, at our world and see the good in it, the goodness in people and not be overwhelmed, nor desensitised by its ugliness. During 2019, Life asks us to include things in our lives for the sheer joy they bring us and others. To make time, in the midst of our responsibilities, to experience Life and be in awe of its grandeur, it’s simple pleasures. Its intention is for enjoying life more. For being more friendly, more social. Albert Einstein once said that imagination is more important than knowledge. 2019 asks you to let your imagination take you beyond the now, to your tomorrows, to what’s possible. Creativity and the arts are encouraged in 2019.  Your imagination is the first step to creating the life you want when you back it with the talent and ability written in your Destiny and Birth Number. Creativity can be in the physical, emotional or intellectual sense. Let your imagination take you away from what seems impossible today, to what you can do today to make what you want possible in the future.   

Throughout 2019, we are also asked/expected to inspire others, and ourselves to be inspired by others. It’s an emotional number and for your part Life will encourage and expect your willingness to express your emotions in ways that are not only inspirational but also enthusiastic. In ways that dismiss bottling up your feelings. But rather allowing yourself to express sadness and grief when you feel it and also joy, exhilaration and laughter when you feel it.

Life is a mix – play down the tough stuff and relish the love, peace, joy and success. 2019 is intended to be lived to the full. Enjoying good times with your favourite people, even if sometimes it’s in the midst of sadness. This year’s numbers encourage a little self indulgence, even a little extravagance, as your bank balance permits. Remember that Life only ever asks us to respond from our best, in whatever situation we find ourselves. If at the end of the day you can say that you did that, that your intentions were honourable for all concerned, then know that all is well in the macro of life… And you can step into 2019 as the unique and capable individual you were born to be – HAPPY 2019!  


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  1. Vicki E.
    January 2, 2019 at 11:55 am — Reply

    Dear Anna, you always provide an inspirational read. Thank you for the insights, wisdom and encouragement that your words hold.

    • January 2, 2019 at 7:59 pm — Reply

      You are most welcome Vicki, thank you for reading…much appreciated.

  2. Pam Hausler
    December 31, 2018 at 5:32 pm — Reply

    Happy New Year Anna, thank you for your wisdom and advice throughout the year and I hope 2019 brings you peace and happiness. Lots of love. XXX

    • January 1, 2019 at 9:47 am — Reply

      Thank you Pam! Much love xxx

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