There are many valid reasons why someone might want to change their name. But regardless of the reason which prompts one to change his or her name, the underlying reason in most cases is to open the way and invite in, a happier and more successful life. Occasionally, someone will tell me they want a Master Number. And to that I have to ask, “are you sure?” With my next question being, “tell me why you want to be a Master Number?”  

I’ll admit, Master Numbers do hold a certain intrigue, a certain mystique, and those wanting such a number will often tell me their reason is simply because it’s a great number to have. But Master Numbers are not dispensed at will, and nor should they be.

If the thought of being a Master Number excites you, please know that for as much as that number offers you, it will expect you to step up and meet it, in all its challenges and opportunities. The obvious question is, can you cut that? Will you be able to meet this number’s requirements and expectations?

 Some years ago a young woman approached me about joining a group which had recently formed. It was all legitimate and well intentioned, no question about that. When I asked if I could profile the name of the group she kindly obliged. When I saw that my calculations brought home the master of Master Numbers, the 22/4, my reply was, “No, thank you. This number carries an enormous Destiny, which few can master.” She told me it had been especially selected by a professional numerologist because of its enormous potential for success. My reply was that yes, that part was accurate, but the other half of the equation had been overlooked, and that was the enormous requirements and expectations demanded by this number. I wished her well, I wished her every success, but deep down I knew that my good wishes would not be enough to pull off this Mastership. I am sorry to say the group folded within the year.

So then, how do you know if you can handle a Master Number?

Granted, every number carries its opportunities and challenges, however, Master Numbers carry far, far more than other numbers, both in opportunity and challenge. Master Numbers are not meant to be chosen by individuals, but by Life itself. Only Life can determine if an individual has the ability to be a Master Number. Choosing a Master Number for yourself is like borrowing a million dollars to establish a business without having the experience or the understanding as to the nature of the business or its mode of operation. Though we may think we can handle such an intense and powerful number, only Life knows whether we actually have the ability to attempt its Mastership.  

Know this – We do not choose Master Numbers. Master Numbers are chosen and allocated by Life itself, to those She deems suitable and capable.

Last year I worked with a client in preparing a business name. I deliberately did not consider a Master Number, for the reasons which I have explained above. His remarkable talent and ability was evident in his Life Profile chart, and he had already accomplished much, but I also knew that Master Numbers come under Divine jurisdiction, not mine. But then, Divinity, or Life with a capital L, is so amazing! For Her it’s not about making things easier, but about stepping us up to where we can shine more and more brightly, even if we are reluctant to do so. And this is exactly what happened next. When the business registration returned, it had been birthed on a date which brought in a Master Number! Even though I had attempted an easier path towards success for my client, Life had deemed him ready and capable of stepping up and saying ‘yes’ to this magnanimous and powerful Master Number, and you’ve gotta love that!

If Life has deemed you capable of being a Master Number, may I suggest that you get to know all that your number and others in your Life Profile, offer and demand from you. Life has deemed you to stand out – both quietly and loudly, so you can live the mastership of your number with confidence, wisdom and success. Life has deemed you to be a light in your circle, in our world. A light that shines so much more brightly than you may dare to even imagine…

What’s not to love about that? You’ve gotta love that too!      



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