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Last month, in July, the world witnessed something quite extraordinary – the rescue of a soccer team of 12 young boys and their coach. It was an impossible accomplishment on many levels. But not when you look behind the scenes. You’ve heard me speak of the Universal Time Cycles which govern our world, many times before. Beginning in 1972 with the 220 Major Time Cycle directed by the 22/4, and concluding in 2061 with the 228 Major Time Cycle directed by the 11/2, we find the Master 22 hidden within every MTC within this span of 89 years.

The 22 Master Number offers the chance to attain the unattainable. It’s not often we see this number in action, accomplishing the impossible. But when I do, I am reminded that though much is amiss in this beautiful world of ours, if we get it together, we can turn things around. We have until 2061 before we are forced to turn things around…another 43 years. What happens after 2061 will depend on how far, how close, or how distant we come to living peace. Note I said ‘living peace’, not ‘living in peace.’

How do we take advantage of this Master 22 to achieve what must be the wish of every human being? For surely, even those who resort to narcissistic and aggressive ways, must in their distorted thinking not also believe that their way is the way to peace? The difference being that they have yet not come to understand that first they themselves must live peace. We all must live peace.

Consider this- We can live ‘in love’ or we can ‘live love.’ The difference may not be obvious. Before we can live in love the love must be there. Someone or something has to create that love before we can live in it. Peace is the same, so is joy. We must live love, peace and joy if we want to experience it our lives and in our world. It’s the only way.

The important thing to remember is that if we want peace we must first live peace. We are currently in the midst of a Time Cycle which offers us, humankind, the whole world, a chance to turn things around; a chance to renovate rather than detonate. The question is how?

The rescue mission of 12 boys and a young man in a Thailand cave was an enormous ‘ask’. Almost a defeated ask, in fact, because quietly, in their hearts, most of the team were dubious about its success. It was a feat which required extensive organisation. Its success was not without loss. One Thai seal volunteer lost his life in the process. He paid the highest price. We are grateful and thankful to him for demonstrating what living love and living peace may ask of us.

It was by far a most “Complicated rescue: Local government officials said 13 foreign divers and five members of Thailand’s navy SEAL unit are taking part in the long and dangerous operation to free the 12 young soccer players and their 25-year-old coach. The rescuers and boys will have to contend with navigating tight passageways filled with muddy water and strong currents, as well as with oxygen-depleted air. A former Thai navy Seal died making the dive on Friday.” https://www.dw.com/en/thailand-cave-rescue-first-boys-rescued-from-trapped-soccer-team/a-44575647   9/7/2018.

If we are to attempt a successful rescue of our world, then perhaps we should begin by analysing how the Thai rescue mission was achieved.

Experts not only included Thailand’s own, others were brought in from various countries. Or perhaps I should say, experts from many countries gave of their skill, time, love and courage.

Apart from the rescue team, there was the operation management outside the cave. This included medicos as well as prayer groups, as well as people preparing food and supplying all other basic necessities. Parents, relatives and friends were consoling and comforting one another. Help came from many directions. It seemed that the world came together to help with this impossible mission. When we look at this we can get an insight into what is needed for our world to go from a state of violence and selfishness to a world of peace and cooperation.

This world rescue mission would require skilled people from many countries to come together, to give of themselves and their abilities. It would require people skilled in diplomacy, negotiation, love, compassion, community welfare, humanities, medical, intellectual, spiritual and other areas as needed. Above all, these experts would have to be peace living people for this mission to stand any chance of success. It would be a collaborative process, representing all the peoples of the world, for all the peoples of the world.

Can it be done? With the 22 Master Number, the impossible becomes possible. We have witnessed it with the Thai cave rescue. We need to make a start. Let’s begin living peace now, within our hearts and in our homes, to form a base so the rest can follow. We have nothing to lose… but so very much to gain.


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  1. Pam
    August 7, 2018 at 6:25 pm — Reply

    Thank you Anna for this great insight. X

    • August 8, 2018 at 9:02 am — Reply

      My pleasure Pam. x

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