Friday 15 to Thursday 21  June, 2018…


Once you know your Personal Year Number you are ready to read your Weekly Numbers.   


If you don’t know your PY number, here’s how to work it out for 2018  … just remember that your Personal Year Number changes with your birthday – this is very important!

Add the day and month of your date of birth to the calendar year of your last birthday. This can be 2017 or 2018 depending on when you last celebrated your birthday. Your Personal Year Number changes every time you have a birthday.  

Example for someone born 22nd December 2017: Add together (2+2 day)=4 + (1 + 2 month)=3 + (2+0+1+7  year of your last birthday)=1. So we have 4+3+1 = 8 Personal Year Number. Keep adding until the numbers are reduced to a single digit.

Example for someone born 10th January 2018: Add together (1+0 day)=1 + (1 month)=1 + (2+0+1+8  year of your last birthday)=11, 1+1 = 2. So we have 1+1+2= 4 Personal Year Number. Keep adding until the numbers are reduced to a single digit.

Now you’re ready to check out your numbers for the week ahead!  



If you are currently in a 1 Personal Year 

– You may feel that something new is on the horizon, even if it is only in your mind’s eye or just a gut feeling you have. If this is the case, this week, your numbers will challenge you to make it happen, or at least make some plans towards it. Your mission this week is to master the courage to look to the future with confidence and a work ethic back up.

Your best response to this week’s numbers –

  • Be more organised and less impulsive.
  • Accept that this week, the buck stops with you.
  • Do your homework, get the facts and then respond like someone who knows.


If you are currently in a 2 Personal Year 

– According to your numbers this week, you may be tempted to succumb to saying more than is best, or to being too blunt, even too honest. You know the saying, if you can’t say something nice…but if you insist, then be ready. Your mission this week is to know when to step it up and when to step to the side.

Your best response to this week’s numbers –

  • Make peace and fairness your intention.
  • Avoid rushing in…to anything or for anyone.
  • Is Life asking you to take charge or to encourage someone else to? The wisdom to know the difference will win for you.


If you are currently in a 3 Personal Year 

– It’s a week in which your emotions are set to overrule what you might consider to be logical and reasonable. But who said that being logical is better than being emotive? Be happy for others and give more compliments. Do something that brings joy into your life in some way and share with those in your life. This is your mission for this week!

Your best response to this week’s numbers –

  • It’s the blend that that keeps everyone happy – responsibility and fun.
  • Your caring and charitable side is in fear of being overlooked, but only if you let it.
  • Express your feelings and emotions in ways that work for you, not against you.


If you are currently in a 4 Personal Year 

– As you come to see a person or situation more clearly this week, your numbers ask that you take a stand for what you consider to be non-negotiable in your life. Stand up for what you believe to be for the best. Your mission this week is to accept things for what they are and not allow sensitivity to stop you from moving away or towards what is best for you.

Your best response to this week’s numbers –

  • Others can expect more from you, do what you can without overdoing.
  • Your chance to give that something new a little momentum.
  • There’ll be lots for you to do, so make plans and stick to them.


If you are currently in a 5 Personal Year 

– This week’s numbers hasten to make you aware of the many opportunities available to you, just make sure you don’t act too quickly – allow your reason and logic faculties to reign in any impulsive reaction. Your mission this week is to connect with others in ways that transcend focusing solely on the self. Bring a healthy dose of balance into your life.

Your best response to this week’s numbers –

  • You may feel more enthusiastic than level headed, but it’s important to combine both.
  • Be aware, when someone triggers an angry response, resist.
  • Don’t be a pushover. Be assertive but not aggressive.


If you are currently in a 6 Personal Year 

– Spending time with those who are special in your life is part of what your numbers are about for this week – be generous, be caring, and Life will reward you. Your mission this week is to help and support without adding, ‘you should have listened,’ or ‘I could see this coming.’ See Life with optimism and joy and spread a little of this with those who share your days.

Your best response to this week’s numbers –

  • Give your advice if you must, but avoid making another’s decision.
  • You cannot avoid family or work responsibilities this week, so say ‘yes’ and mean it.
  • Enjoy and appreciate the accolades, or thanks, no matter how small or how grand.


If you are currently in a 7 Personal Year 

 – Maintaining a degree of control over what happens this week may have you working overtime, but then again, your numbers indicate that it’s when you release the controls that you will actually get it together. Your mission this week is to trust in something bigger than what you can see and allow it to guide you towards what you can accomplish.

Your best response to this week’s numbers –

  • Go with the flow of things, not in an airy fairy way but realistically.
  • Bring the dream into the realm of the practical and useful.
  • Avoid taking any risks, but do loosen up and give Lady Luck a little space.


If you are currently in an 8 Personal Year 

– According to your numbers, this week should show the promise of success, but you will need to pay attention to the little things and remember that success is success – be grateful for even a little success. Your mission this week is to look at life objectively and respond with a balanced authority, strength and purpose.

Your best response to this week’s numbers –

  • Implement any change for something worthwhile.
  • It may be confusing, feeling both sensitive and confident at the same time. Moderate both for the best outcome.
  • Take care of your health. Feeling driven doesn’t mean working yourself to the ground.


If you are currently in a 9 Personal Year 

– In the midst of this ‘care giver’ month, comes a week intent on bringing out your depth of feeling on a situation. At the same time the needs of another may impinge on your ownership of just how important these feelings can be. Your mission this week is to go beyond yourself and respond to Life with feeling and empathy.

Your best response to this week’s numbers –

  • Science tells us that even pretending to smile can motivate a happy response. Do it often.
  • Something winds up or completes itself this week.
  • Surround yourself with positive people and celebrate Life.
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  1. Valerie Taller
    April 28, 2017 at 8:05 pm — Reply

    Hi Annabel-
    Please explain the way to reach my personal number again?
    Ie- don’t understand in your example above of December 23 why for the month you would add 1 + 2 ?
    Thank you

    • April 29, 2017 at 4:48 pm — Reply

      Valerie to work out you PY number you add the day and month of your birth to the year you last had a birthday, which given that we’re in April, can be 2016 or 2017. The 1+2 is for December, because its numeric value is 12 (12th month of the year). I hope this helps.

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