Or do we remain stunted in growth and consciousness evolution?

I shall go further here and say that in addition to a barrier to spiritual growth, unresolved problems also create barriers to good health and wellbeing, material success and happiness.

Many of the problems facing society today have been carried over from past Universal Time Cycles. Many who witnessed crimes and injustices did nothing, thinking that in doing so they would go away and resolve themselves. They failed to utilise the courage and initiative offered by the number 1 which governed the past Millennium and Century Time Cycles. These transgressions are now being brought ‘to light’ by the number 2 which governs the Millennium TC to which we are transitioning.

From now until 2026 we are living in overlapping TCs under the direction of the numbers 2, 3 and 9. A combination of emotional and feeling numbers, possessing sensitive qualities which can make us indecisive and reluctant to take charge with courage and confidence.

These TCs reflect the background and mandate for humanity and the world. Layered on top of these are our own individual Time Cycles, which interact and overlap the TCs which govern our world. Understanding Universal Time Cycles and how they influence our own individual Time Cycles will enable us to face and resolve any problems that might otherwise make us stumble, freeze into a Limbo existence or even take to our corner and ‘pass the buck, so to speak,’ as we convince ourselves that ‘it’s not our problem.’ This brings back to me the words of Eldridge Cleaver, “If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.”

Our problems will not resolve themselves, so don’t kid yourself into thinking so. You are far too intelligent and knowing to believe this. The problems in your life and in my life can be resolved, but only when we muster up the courage and willingness to do so. And in so doing we shall continue to grow and evolve into conscious, happy and successful human beings.


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