Riding a bike is very much like living Life


I cannot remember how young I was when I mastered peddling a bike without falling off. But I do remember the challenge. The bruises and scratches I sustained in the process. I can still feel the sting of thorns when I fell in the berry bush, as I rode from our driveway, across the road and straight into the berry bush (thank God there were no cars on the road!). My legs bled painfully, and the pain of failure was just as intense. It would have been easy to give up after that episode. But, had I given up, I would never have experienced the exhilaration of riding a bike solo, unassisted through the air, and the thrill of accomplishment that came with it. I can still feel the freshness of the air against my face from all those years ago…

Riding a bike is very much like living Life. There are times when walking through Life is enough to get us through, to get us by. It feels safe and you can stop yourself when you see a challenge ahead, you avoid making that difficult decision, hoping that it will somehow be OK. Sure, we can all put our hands up for sometimes doing this. But if going around Life becomes a habit, if denying yourself the courage to go through Life, to face challenges, you will only ever experience Life at minimum level and the challenges will still be there. At minimum level, you will never know the feeling of awe as you gaze at Life’s beautiful vista from above. You will only ever experience Life from a walking level perspective, a survival perspective, minus the elevated and expansive view of its offerings and possibilities. If you never risk falling, you will never know success and happiness at your maximum level, from your highest vantage point. If you never risk failing, you will never know the exhilaration that comes with winning.

Now, will you continue to walk through Life, mediocrely, complacently, at an “it’s good enough” fashion, or will you take a chance and ride through Life with the exhilaration and enthusiasm you were meant to?

The ball is back in your court…I encourage you to play it to win. I encourage you to always play Life to win. That’s what you were born to do. And if you have the courage to step up and say ‘yes’ to Life, Life will back you all the way. No, it doesn’t mean you will have a mushy, cushy, easy strolling life. But it does mean that in the happy, in the sad, in the misses and in the successes, you will ride through Life, see it, be a part of it, from its highest and most elevated vantage point imaginable. Go on, take a chance, play Life to win…. Ride through it.


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