I’m certain many of you would be thinking that the late Prof Stephen Hawking would have had an extraordinary set of numbers in his Life Profile chart. But did he? Take a look-


Main position numbers-

He was born with a 16/7 Birth Number and a 5 Destiny. A 2 Personality, a 3 Heart and 3 Life Achievement Number. If we were to look inside his heart, we would see the sensitive child like qualities that allowed him to feel the awe of Life as well as the smallness and vulnerability. There would have been many times when he would have thought that it was all too much.

The 7 has been given a bad rap by many supposed experts in the field, yet this is the number of specialisation. It’s the number that sets you apart from the crowd, and once you come to understand what it’s asking of you and what it’s prepared to give you, once you align yourself with it and work with it, it delivers. Most outstanding individuals have a significant 7 in their Life Profile chart. To name one other, Roger Federer has a 16/7 Destiny Number.

As you can see, Stephen Hawking’s LP chart is nothing extraordinary. It reflects opportunities as well as challenges. Just like your own LP chart is unique to you, his LP chart was unique to him. The extraordinary came about because this man worked with his stack of numbers instead of spending his life wanting to be someone else. He focused on his ability instead of his disability. He aligned himself with all that Life offered him. This is how he achieved the success and happiness Life offered him. This is how we turn what is average into what is outstanding. No magic, no luck. And we do this through the pain, suffering, loss, joy, success and happiness that we know as Life.

Everyday Life asks you if you’re willing to align yourself with It. What’s your answer? Is it a half hearted ‘yes’, a ‘maybe’, or a resounding ‘YES?’ Today is the best time to begin the journey from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Life has thrown the ball back in your court. How will you play it? 

How did Stephen Hawking outlive his earth time by 55 years?

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