General Smedley Butler, was the most decorated Marine in US history, he was an American hero. Yet it wasn’t with pride that he recalled his war years but with deep regret for his role and involvement. So much so that in 1931 in a speech he delivered to the American Legion he stated-

“A racket is something…conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. War is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious (racket). It is the only one which is international in scope…where the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.”

You and I would prefer I spoke of lighter things, but we must also look at the harder things of life if we are to implement changing them. Butler’s words ring loud and clear. The atrocities of war are many. The loss of lives, the children left without parents, those maimed and wounded, those psychologically scarred. The list is endless. Let’s remember our soldiers, our sons and daughters who are sent to war, some never to return, with those who return left scarred mentally and emotionally after having survived such a violent and aggressive environment. Surely no one escapes, for when these men and women come home, they are forever changed. Changed into individuals they themselves no longer recognise.

It goes against our spirit to even consider that some would start a war simply for monetary gain. It seems incomprehensible that some would think the loss of human life as of little or no importance. Yet this is how far some members of the human race have sunken.

I wonder what would happen if every soldier refused to fight? I wonder what would happen if the National leaders who deemed war necessary had to actually fight their ‘enemy’ on a one to one fight? Can you picture our political leaders, our armed forces leaders or anyone else with enough clout to initiate war lining up to face their ‘enemy’?

There is much for us to contemplate here…and the solution is not an easy one, let alone an instant one…but surely one that must begin by wanting the same peace for our so called ‘enemies’ as we want for ourselves. It’s a beginning that must be begun by us, today. Perhaps some of us will live to see the day when soldiers on all sides will lay down their arms and stand together for peace… 

But until that day comes, let’s pray for peace now. Not out of fear, but out of love. More so, let’s pray that those who instigate war purely to increase their wealth, are brought to karmic justice before they have a chance to unleash any more crimes against humanity. That they come to see the killing and injustices they support in true light, as the inhumane and horrendous crimes they truly are. 


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