2018 –

The second year of the world’s current 225 Major Time Cycle 


What it offers you and what it expects from you. With the 11/2 Master Number directing, it’s a different kind of leadership that’s required for peace and success.



In 2018 we have the 11/2 Master within the 22 Master of the 225 Major Time Cycle

A time when the unachievable can be achieved, but only when we align ourselves to, and work with the requirements of the cycles governing this time in history… 




When we look back at 2017 as the first year of the 225 Major Time Cycle directed by the number 9, we can see the many opportunities we were given to respond from these high end qualities, But did we?

How understanding and forgiving were you when North Korea ventured into nuclear weapons testing? How understanding and forgiving were you of President Trump every time he failed to be the leader you wanted him to be?

How compassionate and forgiving were you of those who perpetrated unspeakable crimes against children and adults? If we truly want peace, if we truly stand for peace, then these are the hard questions we need to ask ourselves every day, between now and 2026.

While 2017 placed its focus on courage and initiative, foresight and the new, or re-newel of the 225 Major Time Cycle mandate, 2018 places its focus on relationships – on how we relate to and with each other. From the check out operator, to family, friendships, romantic relationships, work colleagues and everyone else with whom we interact, for a moment or a lifetime.

How well or not we get on with others will determine our degree of success and happiness for 2018, as individuals, groups and nations.

Further, if the 11/2 governs a significant area of your Life Profile chart, then 2018 will carry more clout for you in that area, whether as a challenge or opportunity, depending on where the number sits on your chart.


Our best response –

2018 is governed by the 11/2 Master Number. A number of opposites which is governed by Spirit and Light. It demands truth, honesty and a leadership with peace and harmony as its intention.

Knowing when to be assertive and when to be cooperative will win for you. And that’s where its difficulty lies, in mastering when to take the lead and when to cooperate.

If you are in a leadership position, whether in taking care of a family, business or a country, the only way to succeed is to listen to those in your charge and include them in any decision making process. It’s the only way to achieve genuine success in any area. In addition, applying sensitivity and being aware of your own sensitivity, will also work to your advantage.

From a more universal perspective, we can see numerous hot spots in our World. While Syria is still smouldering, North Korea, Israel and Palestine are heating up.  These hotspots carry grave and sensitive issues that must be addressed.

The sharing of resources that the 11/2 of 2018 and the 2 of this millennium, demand, means accommodating the wellbeing and sustainability of others as well as ourselves. This can only be achieved through a willingness to maintain negotiation until the way to achieve this is reached.

With leaders like Trump and Kim Jong-un calling the shots, with neither skilled in the tactful negotiation, wisdom and strength of humility this year demands, it can create a scary backdrop for our future.

When the 11/2 of 2018 is lived negatively, we see indecisiveness, dominance, and underhandedness. When lived positively however, it reflects a leadership that is charismatic, sensitive, strong and genuinely powerful. This is the kind of leadership the world needs now.

The American and North Korean people want peace, not war. The Israelis and Palestinians want peace, not war. With the 11/2 Master directing 2018, the peace we so crave is achievable, but it can only be had through negotiation, with the use of tactful diplomacy and ways that are sensitive enough to gauge and define whether the best response is to assume charge and authority or to continue to engage more cooperation and more negotiation.

By taking charge and assuming authority, I don’t mean by military terms, but rather by humanitarian terms. We have to ask, where is the United Nations when it’s needed?

I wonder how Kim Jong-un would respond if a United Nations delegate, or President Trump were to ask, “What can we do for your country?” How can we work with you to ensure peace for our world?” This is how the 11/2 takes charge and assumes authority. It doesn’t need to be done publicly; it can be done privately, behind closed doors.

But is Trump wise enough, strong enough, to do this, to at least try? And if not, is anyone in his line-up or in the United Nations wise enough to take this much needed approach, as an 11/2 Master? No leader worthy of leading a nation would make another leader feel submissive. This would only serve to antagonise them into doing something which could result in dire consequences for all concerned.

Before we aim the missiles or send our young men and women into another killing field, and claim it as an act of self defence, we need to exhaust all that the 11/2 demands.

When authority is assumed, it must not be over another leader, but over the situation or crisis at hand. And we must do so firstly with no harm intended, and secondly with the genuine intention of a peaceful and reasonable outcome for all concerned.

As individuals, we must not feel helpless to act, but rather be the peaceful negotiators in our own circle of influence. In this way we can do our part to ensure peace for our world.

I encourage you to make 2018 a year in which the Spirit of the double 1’s and the Light of the 2 through which it is manifested, shines ever so brightly for yourself and for all who cross your path.

Happy 2018!

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