Both require courage and bravery,

Both are honourable in their undertaking…


We don’t often think of life and death in the same space of thought. How can we when the physical world presents death as the opposite to birth? But yet, they are more as one than we are led to believe.

If we are to take the wisdom in Kahlil Gibran’s words as truth, if birth and death are the two most noble expressions, then we can also begin to see birth and death also as being of the same essence, even if in their manifestation each is different. Of this we are certain, that birth and death require enormous courage and bravery in their undertaking.

Consider a soul preparing for birth. A soul so free and expansive, having no boundaries, must embody itself in a tiny human space. As it settles into its fluid home and grows to birth maturity, it must then prepare itself for birth. A traumatic experience in itself, even when it happens without complications. And then it is catapulted into a foreign and unknown world – Earth! Such courage and bravery, such trust in Divinity…

When we consider such an undertaking, we cannot but agree that every individual who courageously and lovingly says ‘yes’ to birth, must also be both noble and honourable. For such an act cannot be deemed ordinary, but noble indeed.

And is death not also as birth, a rebirth into the world from where we came? Yet, as much as we believe and know that in death we return to a world of Divine love and light, our humanity clings to this life, because this is what we have come to know and we are reluctant to let go. That reluctance to let go stays with us until we reach that state when our body can no longer house our spirit, and the soul seeks to free itself from its human restraints and soar yet again unencumbered in space.

Yes, the preparation for death requires much courage, much bravery. And for those who’s death comes quickly, and don’t get the chance to prepare, does Life itself not prepare each of us in our daily experiences? Even for those who are afraid to consciously think of it or speak of it. In not choosing to think or speak of death, are we not in fact preparing for it all the same? For Life in its wisdom, gives us not what we want, but what we truly need.

Wherever you are in Life’s continuum betwixt life and death, I wish you much love, peace and joy…and I applaud and commend you for your courage and bravery.


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