“Our purpose is to be authentic to our own selves.”

Anita Moorjani


Anita Moorjani didn’t realise the importance of living true to who she was born to be until she had an after life experience. Thankfully, you don’t need to have such a traumatic experience to discover this Truth. You and I have been talking about the importance of living as who we were born to be for years, by way of a Life Profile consultation with me or via the articles I write for this website.

It’s true to say that most of us do not live true to who we were born to be, but rather as a clone of someone who resembles us. Too often our expectations to be like someone we admire, or how someone we love expects us to be, or how Society expects us to be, can have us missing out on living as who we truly are.

Living true to who you were born to be can be confusing, because there always seems to be a valid reason for why we ‘shouldn’t’. Reasons such as, I couldn’t keep doing what I do. Or, the time’s not right. Or, my family needs me. Reality is that living true to who you were born to be has nothing to do with being less to yourself and those you love, but more.

Some of us go through life kidding ourselves that we do live an authentic life, and before we know it we wake up and we’re middle aged, or in our Third Age! Sometimes it takes a life threatening illness, a relationship break up, the loss of someone we love, or an unexpected job loss to see reality as Truth.

Living as your true self doesn’t mean that you live an idyllic life free of challenges. But it does mean that you handle the challenges with much more ease and with the backing of Divinity itself. It maximises positives such as love, courage, meaning, power, harmony and success, and minimises negatives such as fear and lack, insecurity and the double SS – Serious Stress. It opens you up to receiving more opportunities for success and happiness.

In all this, Life never gives up on you, and it will not let you give up on you either. It will continue to give you experiences for you to practise responding from that unique individual you were born to be. Encouraging you and even forcing you to step up and be your true self. Choosing to sidestep this or pretend it isn’t so, will only intensify these situations and bring them closer to home.

Imagine the joy and success of living as Life intended for you, as who you were born to be. Albeit with a little trepidation at first, but once you come to know the ALLness of you, you won’t want to settle for anything less. Isn’t it time you took a chance on you – on ALL you were born to be? You have nothing to lose and much to gain. Go on, take a chance…

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