Since Sigmund Freud introduced the world to psychoanalysis in the early part of last century, words like ego, id and superego have become common amongst students, analysts and counselors. The most commonly used of these words however, is the ego. Here in these words Deepak Chopra explains the difference between the ego and Spirit or Soul.

There are many ways of interpreting human behaviour and the reasons that stop us from being all that we were born to be. But when all is cut and dried, it comes down to two responses – love and fear. But it’s not always as simple as making a choice for the better outcome, there are many variables in the equation. Perhaps we have downloaded more fear than love into our human data response system and we have forgotten, or even perhaps never known how to respond with love, from Spirit.

The fear that is often encrypted in us by our parents often come from a place of love. A love that wants to protect and keep safe. And so we become afraid to face the world with the courage and fearlessness that comes from spirit. Once we become aware of our mode of operandi, we can set about peeling back the layers of fear and replacing them with layers of love. This is a journey that can take a lifetime, with constant awareness needed, but a journey into self that is very worthwhile indeed. For then you will surely come to know and love the amazing person you were born to be.

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