It’s amazing, yet laudable, that a truth is a truth regardless of how it is communicated. In these words it’s by the Masters, and number asserts the very same truth. The truth, in this case professing, that the present holds within it our very future. A truth I see reflected constantly in everyday life, yet, it’s something which eludes so many individuals, so many nations even.

Yes, one’s Destiny does in fact reflect one’s experiences – past, present and future. The letters in one’s name, the various Time Cycles of different duration, all these reflect one’s past, present and future. And while the past cannot be changed because it was created by a past present, your future is being created now, in your present.

How is this possible, you may ask, when it is all written in one’s name and birth date? The experience written is determined, but the success and happiness written within that experience can only be determined by your response to it. And that in turn is determined by your response to the present.

For example, whether you earn millions or thousands of dollars per year, if you spend more than you earn, if you don’t invest wisely and then should your fourth and final Major Time Cycle be directed by the number 4, then you will experience economic restriction. But if you have both spent and invested wisely, living within your means and making your money work for you, then the economic restriction of the 4 can be easily managed.

Here’s another example- if you are generous according to your means, this is not about giving and depleting your own needs, or those of your family, then that generosity will come back to you. Not necessarily from those your were generous to, but it will come back to you.

It’s in the way you respond to Life today, that will determine your future tomorrows. This is the only way you can be the master of your Destiny, by responding from your very best and giving your best wherever you find yourself, today, now, in the present. See it as a way of investing in yourself today, for future gain, because it is precisely that.  

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