The first thing I do when I get out of bed in the morning is head to the kitchen for a coffee. You probably do that too, or a tea perhaps. Once made, I take it back to bed and open the blinds to an array of early morning walkers and joggers. From my bedroom windows I can see them, but lucky for them, they can’t see me! If you have a significant 7 in your LP chart or one of its corresponding letters, G, P or Y, then maybe you’re also an observer of people and Life.

As I watched them this morning I was tempted to go outside with pen and paper and ask each of them why they walk. But the coffee and the warmth of my bed kept me in.

Do you walk? Jog, or go to the gym perhaps? If I was to ask you why you do it, what would you tell me? If I was to ask you or the walkers who walk past my house, why they get up early in the morning to hit the pavement or the gym, I wonder what their answer would be?

How many do you think would say one of the following?

  • It’s good for you.
  • Doctor’s orders.
  • We all need to exercise.
  • I need to drop a few kilos.
  • I have a sit down job so I walk to compensate.
  • I’m going for a job interview and I want to look my best.
  • I have to walk the dog…and so on…


How many do you think would say one of the following?

  • No reason other than I just enjoy it!
  • I love how it makes me feel so alive, so invigorated!
  • My body houses my Spirit, it’s my way of nurturing both.
  • I love meeting people along the way and saying, “good morning.”
  • I love looking at the gardens…

If what you do is not for the love of you, you are not getting its full benefits. Whatever you do, do it first and foremost for the love of YOU. When you genuinely do this, the rest will have a much deserved chance to soft fall into place.

When you do things for the love of you, those around you connect to the beautiful self affirming energy that emanates from you…and it’s catchy, it’s contagious. It’s a grand thing, it’s a love thing!

Do everything you do, first and foremost for the love of you!


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