…our aim in founding the State was not the disproportionate happiness of any one class, but the greatest happiness of the whole.” SOCRATES


There’s a struggle going on, and you may or may not be aware that this is so, or of the reason behind it. We would be right to assume that as participants we may not be able to comprehend why we are engaged in this struggle. A struggle, which seems to be supported by views and emotions fuelled by justice. But, is it truly all about justice; is it truly about righting the wrongs we see?

That’s how it appears on the surface, but I know that some of you can look far further than what’s on the surface. Many of you can feel that there’s more to the interplay of right and wrong in our lives and in our world. Is the loss of human life from terrorist attacks as great as the loss of life from suicide, or domestic violence, or shootings? “For every one American killed by an act of terror in the United States or abroad in 2014, more than 1,049 died because of guns.” http://edition.cnn.com/2016/10/03/us/terrorism-gun-violence/

We, as humanity, are at a major turning point. Many call it a shift in consciousness. From where I stand this is only half of it. The shift I see through numbers is being played out on the ground. To overlook this would be to deny the hardships and fears which have engulfed millions of people who are now struggling to survive.

Until this shift is dealt with on the ground, it will not be felt in our hearts, nor will it expand our collective consciousness towards a more altruistic way of life. For many, the pain is far too intense and the fear too overwhelming to allow anything else into their heart or head space, apart from what they are personally experiencing and feeling. Basic necessities must be met if we are to see a shift to the higher consciousness, which World Universal Time Cycles reflect and demand.

To live in interesting times, as they say, comes with an invitation to “be willing to be pioneers in the new order of spiritual consciousness” (2012 form here to eternity, page 183). Life as we knew it, is forever changed. There’s no doubting that, and we cannot go back to how things were. The upheaval we are now witnessing is partly because so many are reluctant to let go of what was, so that what is and what is to be can transition harmoniously.

Many of the mega powerful and mega rich are holding on very tightly to all they have. But many more are struggling, finding it hard to survive, let alone thrive. The divide between rich and poor is growing, and while this continues, the middle class is in danger of becoming a memory. Socrates’ words are as relevant today as the day he uttered them “…our aim in founding the State was not the disproportionate happiness of any one class, but the greatest happiness of the whole.” But will those who lead and govern us take notice?

This is the first year of the final Major Time Cycle of 9 years which will encourage, push and force us to let go of what is no longer functional or necessary in the new era of spiritually conscious living. In our personal relationships, in the way we do business, in our environment and in our governing and leadership. We need to stand up for basic human rights, for peace and for all that makes society honourable and respectful. Even if we are OK, we need to stand up for those who are not OK. We need to get more passionate about equality instead of complaining about it. We can do this by rallying together in peaceful ways. Let’s walk together for peace, for human rights, for equality. Let’s join with like minded others and walk together in tens, hundreds, thousands even.

This current Millennium Time Cycle reflects the delivery of outcomes through people power. But we need to ensure that the group we start, or align ourselves with, is worthy of the changes we seek. Changes that will bring about the outcomes we want to see in our lives and in our world – human rights and equality for all, through peaceful ways.

To accept anything less is to deny our right to be here.

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