If you think about these words and relate them accurately, you’ll discover that when in fact we are fatigued – beyond a little tired, what is attainable can seem insurmountable.

Fatigue and loneliness not only feed on each other but can also bring about a loss of confidence in oneself as a human being, as well as in one’s ability to carry out tasks that were previously accomplished with precision. 

The next time you get that overwhelming pang of fear, ask yourself if it’s valid – or is it a bi product of over work or even not spending enough time with those in your life who inspire and understand you.

It’s easy to step into overdrive at this time of the year. Have you noticed how we want everything finished by Christmas? But unless it’s a necessity, does it really matter? Isn’t a relaxed and peaceful space far more friendly and attuned to what Christmas is truly about?

Well, I’ve made my decision – Whether Leonardo and Michelangelo finish the paint job at my place before Christmas or not won’t matter. It’s not every year we get to celebrate Christmas amidst what some would view as a building site. Actually, I kind of like the idea…it’s far more authentic and much less fatiguing. Go on, let go of how it ‘should’ be and simply ‘Let It Be’ –  HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

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  1. Stefania Blasutto
    December 8, 2016 at 7:45 am — Reply

    Hi Annabelle,
    Another year has gone by and your website has always guided me so thank you!!!!! The wonderful world of numbers !!!
    Always in my heart….. Merry Christmas !!!!
    Love Stefania

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