No leader can be all things to all those he/she is elected to lead. Nor can we be all things to everyone in our lives, for each sees not what is reality but what they project reality to be for them. In truth, we are not here to be all things to all people. We are here to express the Divine within us through service to others in our own unique way, according to the Destiny we were born to live. When we come to know this powerful Presence and purpose within us, acknowledge it and live it as a Universal Truth, we are on our way to peace and prosperity in our lives, and ultimately in our world.


The world we see is the world we project

The outcome of the US election was that which was projected by those who voted for Donald Trump. Not because these people wanted the crassness and divisiveness Trump presented in his campaign, but because they felt he understood their needs and was willing to help them. He promised to change their circumstances for the better. Whether he can improve their circumstances remains to be seen, and is something the President elect must now respond to. But whether Trump was your choice or not, I’m certain you’ll join me in praying that he be spiritually guided to lead with wisdom and much love, for respectful negotiation and peaceful solutions.


Beyond 2016

We are in the midst of immense worldwide changes. Many speak of a consciousness evolution, but fail to see that this evolutionary shift is happening from the ground up. It can only happen from the ground up, and this election is proof. Many speak about our world having reached Tipping Point – the point of no return. But has it? I would say not, even if we have come close. The next nine years are crucial if we are to turn things around for the better.

If you got a chance to watch The World in 2016 (here on my website), you may remember that among other things, I said 2016 would bring us many experiences to encourage and also push us to practise the high end qualities of understanding, forgiveness, compassion and love without condition – a love for All people. Well, this election has pushed all those buttons for millions of people, not only in the US but throughout the world. How are you responding? I ask because our future depends upon it. We cannot ask another to be what we ourselves are unwilling to be. What Life is asking of us is tough, but not impossible. When you accept that we are made of love, you will be willing to showcase these Divine qualities until they infiltrate everything and everyone that opposes them, peacefully, without lifting a finger in protest. Life is demanding that we walk our spiritual talk.

Peace is on the cards for this millennium, but how this eventuates is up to us. Will it be a forced peace that comes after the destruction? Or will it be a peace through a love for all and a respectful co operation for the benefit of all? The only way we will know world peace and prosperity is by changing our perspective from what is not real to what is real. And this sits closer to home than you may think. Until we resolve our differences with those closest to us, those in our own personal lives, world conflict and aggression will continue. What’s more, we can no longer afford to kid ourselves. Only when we are willing to want good and not retribution for those in our personal lives who have hurt us, we will know peace and prosperity on a global capacity. 

These are the facts, and I know some of you will disagree. You may even tell me that I have no idea of the pain you have suffered, and you’d be right in saying that. No, I have not suffered your personal pain and loss, but I have suffered my own personal pain and loss, and so I know what pain and loss feels like. 

When we go through the tough stuff of life, we have but two choices in response to it. We can choose to become bitter, hateful, resentful and victimised and in this way lose power. Or we can choose to become greater than that which caused us pain. We can become one who sends love and blessings to those who hurt us, before we set them free from us. You might bless them because they are no longer in your life, or for some other reason. In this way we at least get something for our suffering, and become a power for good in our lives and the lives of those we love. As confronting as this is, surely we do not want to even contemplate the alternative. When we think it impossible, perhaps we can begin with, ‘Even though she/he has hurt me terribly and I don’t want to forgive, I am willing to forgive. I am willing to send healing thoughts.’ Remember that what you wish for another will return to you, albeit via someone else. This is Divine Law. The good you send out will come back to you, for sure.


My research findings

The research the US election provided for me validated unequivocally that what is written for us in World Time Cycles and our own personal cycles is what will be. Within these cycles is also written how we can best pursue and respond in ways that ensure the best possible outcome. Donald Trump’s leadership was written for him at this time, just as Hilary Clinton’s leadership denial was written for her at this time. How they would pursue what was destined for them however, was very much in their court. And here was my research… Because Trump’s campaign was so negative, off the scales at times, I wondered if Life would re neg on the offer of leadership. But it didn’t. This proved to me once and for all that what Life offers, what is written, is ours for the taking. This I say with absolute certainty!

Donald Trump must now have to deal with the aftermath of his campaign, just as Hilary Clinton must. President elect Trump has much mending before he can begin his leadership. He didn’t need to pursue what was already his so aggressively. He didn’t need to create such fear and division. But his projected fear of loss was so strong that he believed it was his only option to pursue. Just as sometimes we are afraid that we have no option but to do what we do.

As citizens of our world, we also must deal with the results of how we choose peace to eventuate. Let’s not make the mistake of thinking that aggression and retaliation are our only options. For surely they are not. We have wasted precious time waiting for someone to make things right, to fix things for us, while all along that someone was and still is, YOU. The ball is in your court as much as it is in mine. What will you do? How will you play it? With much love and courage I hope, as I would like to see from each one of us.

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