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In life we make many journeys, some long, some short. Some we choose, others are chosen for us. Humanity is in the throws of one of its biggest journeys in its evolutionary history. The confusion and fear  we are currently witnessing can give us a false start, but only if we’re not aware of what’s happening. Fear can paralyse us into non action or worse still, aligning ourselves with those who promise a better world through separation and force. I promise you, these tactics and false promises will not work, cannot work.

Preparing for the journey

When embarking on any journey, preparation is a must. How well prepared or not, determines the degree of enjoyment and success we experience, regardless of what others on the same journey may be experiencing. While it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the negativity of the present state of our world, it’s essential that you do not lose yourself in it. Pull back into your corner of it and focus your responses on the now. Bring your focus into your life, your community and those who share it. Only in this way can you eliminate the fear and confusion and be best prepared for the greatest journey of your life. Only in this way, and by continuing to respond from your best self can you make a difference for peace in our world.

“In April 2010, Professor Lee Berger of the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg announced a fossil discovery which ‘provided a window into a critical period when early human ancestors moved down from the trees to a life on the ground’.* In the same article Professor Berger said that judging by their physical features they (a new primate species named Australopithecus sediba) were ‘comfortable in both worlds’. I take this to mean that they were comfortable living in the trees and comfortable walking on the earth upright.

Apart from the scientific community’s elation over this find, I was elated too – even if my elation was for quite different reasons! The timing of this extraordinary find was remarkable for me because it coincided with my writing of this book! This was a historical find in proportion to what I believe to be a transition of consciousness which humans are undergoing right now. This is the state of transition between the earth era and the era of spiritually conscious living. I am so excited about this! 2026 marks the very first year of the spiritually conscious living era. I want to be here, what about you?” (Excerpt from 2012 from here to eternity, p.152)


* Deborah Smith, ‘Scientists come face to face with 2 million-year-old “missing link”’,, 9 April 2010.



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