I’ve made a few attempts to write this post, but my mind refused to cooperate. I think it’s been in a state of political overwhelm! Between the lengthy US campaign, our longer than usual OZ campaign, and then Brexit to top it off, my mind opted for a political NO GO ZONE! But, when I awoke this morning and realised Australians would be voting in just a few days, I made myself a double caffé latte and hoped my mind would reconsider….and thankfully, it did!

Malcolm Bligh Turnbull, born on 24th October 1954

One could picture him as an orator, in the Forum Romanum of millennia ago delivering his message, most eloquently. He looks the part of a statesman…but his Life Profile tells us that there’s more to MT than eloquent talk and looking the part. Born on the 24, gives him strong humanitarian and family values, which have grounded many a political leader of yesteryears.

Malcolm Turnbull, as I wrote in a previous article, is a man of many 3’s. This is the number of vision, optimism and communication, and having such an abundance of them, 8 in total, can at times make him overly optimistic. His two 4’s however, and his strong 6’s are there to offer balance. On the everyday playing field of life we see another 3, which can leave him somewhat scattered when something unexpected happens. However when he centres himself and turns his attention to his directive 8, it provides the control needed.

Interestingly, Australia’s Destiny Number is a 3 and this Century, still very much in its infancy, is also governed by the 3.

His Birth Number is 8, so he has the ability to take on big tasks and deliver on them. It’s a number of leadership and authority. His Destiny is an 11/2, a Master Number which challenges its owner to decide when it’s best to step up and take the lead and when it’s best to step to the side and let someone else lead. It’s a leadership number, which requires heart and inclusion. The kind of leader that says, ‘This is what I think we should do, but I’d really value your input.’

In his heart space is the importance of stability, security, and maintaining standards to live by. Yet the 22 which comprises his 4 Heart Number, also reflects lots of ideas in which to accomplish this, keeping some of the established norms while including some more evolved ones. There is a definite spiritual influence and guidance in this number.

He is currently in a 2 Major Cycle which is about relating to others and utilising his ability, his leadership qualities, in ways that bring harmony and peace for all concerned. His Life Achievement Number is 1. Outstanding leadership is what he was born to accomplish, but he needs to watch that he doesn’t become fixed or tunnel visioned.

How will he fare on Election Day?

2 July, 2016, 2+7+(2+0+1+6)9= 18, 1+8=9 Universal Day, however MT’s day number and his Age Number is 15/6. This is a significant number in his Life Profile. It’s also a number, which brings a degree of success. His PY Number is 11/2, which is also his Destiny Number, and offers another significant connection.

Will Malcolm Turnbull use his stack of numbers to the best of his ability and be the kind of leader the world needs now? This is up to him. His numbers certainly stack up, but of course he is the one driving them!


William Richard (Bill) Shorten, born 12th May 1967

Being born on the 12th and with an additional three 3’s, this is a quality he has in common with Malcolm Turnbull. BS is also a man of vision and optimism, and can at times become overly optimistic. His Heart Number is also a 4, but his comes from the 13, different to MT’s 22. BS’s Heart Number also reflects the importance of stability, security, and maintaining certain standards to live by, but they are more of a fixed and grounded nature than the evolutionary and spiritual qualities of the 22.

His Birth Number, like his Heart Number is also 4. Family values and tradition are a part of this number, but it also reflects a person who responds best when he knows what’s going on, when he knows what’s expected of him. He doesn’t like surprises.

After preparing his Life Profile chart I now understand why his responses come across as rehearsed. This was evident in the interview I watched on the ABC’s Four Corners the other night. When Sarah Ferguson questioned him about Medicare, his answer was structured and unchanged. I thought at the time how much better he’d come across if he’d responded to Sarah’s question from himself rather than a scripted version. The 4 is a strong, capable and hard working number, however when put on the spot, or when expected to respond quickly, it can feel ‘boxed in.’ I would say that this is the reason why BS sticks to his script.

His Destiny Number is 5, which encourages an openness and a public platform. This is a people number and so it’s no wonder it is prominent in the LP charts of many politicians. BS’s is a Destiny which is intended to promote change, freedom and opportunity, but demands flexibility. It’s a number, which can build empires, but it can also bring them down. It’s a number which encourages travel and meeting people from diverse cultures and varied backgrounds. With the 5 also governing his everyday playing field, he will go to great lengths to get you on his side.

BS’s current Major Cycle is 16/7. This is a number which can bring the unexpected. It is a number which encourages wisdom over emotions, and trust over certainty. Not an easy ask given the reality meter of his 4’s. Interestingly, it reflects loss as well as luck. Which will it be for Bill Shorten on Election day?

How will he fare on Election Day?

2 July, 2016, 2+7+(2+0+1+6)9= 18, 1+8=9 Universal Day. Bill Shorten’s day number is also 9, as is his Name Experience Number and his Life Achievement Number. All these offer significant connections. Though the 9 is known to bring endings, it is also a leadership number and a number that brings rewards from past efforts. Unlike the 4 of his Birth Number, which has its strength in management, rather than leadership, BS’s Life Achievement Number is one of leadership, but a special kind of leadership – one that needs to engage with the human element as much as the worldly side. This tells me that even if BS fails to win Saturday’s election, the 9 of his LA number will offer opportunity for him in the future.


Make your vote count, this is the type of leader the world needs now –

  • We need a leader who cares enough and is strong enough to respond to his people’s needs with sincere optimism and realistic outcomes.
  • A leader who can confidently represent Australia as a serious and notable contender in relation to world issues and decision making.
  • We need a leader who can respond to decisions in ways that intend a win-win outcome for all concerned, nationally and internationally.
  • As importantly, Australia, like the rest of the world, needs a leader who can converse with other heads of state in ways that are non aggressive, peaceful, authoritive, sensitive, purposeful and diplomatic.
  • We need a leader who will inspire us and talk to us about what is possible, about what can be, while at the same time be realistic in spending and in building the nation’s bank balance for future security, for young and old.


May whoever wins this election, Malcolm Turnbull or Bill Shorten, lead in ways that bring peace, economic stability, enthusiasm for living, and a respectful inclusion of all our citizens, residents and visitors.


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