Have we reached ‘tipping point’?

Is it possible to un-create the ‘ugliness’ of our world – the violence, the poverty, the hatred, the fear? It’s a pretty scary state we’re in! Some say we haven’t reached the ‘tipping point’ yet. Others say we’re already there, that we’ve reached the point of no return and only doom and an unsustainable life awaits us.

But we haven’t arrived at this state overnight. The last major opportunity the world had to turn things around was in 1945, the end of World War II. This marked the beginning of a new Mega Time Cycle of 81 years for our world. But it didn’t happen. And while we cannot undo what has happened in the past, we can however, put in place strategies that will safeguard us today and our children in the future.

We are in transition to an enormous change in the history of humanity, set to begin in 2026. With Australia and the US preparing for national elections this year, it’s imperative that we use this transition time (1999-2025), to put leaders in government who can best lead us with courage and sensitivity, towards a cooperative peace and prosperity.

The world needs leaders who are compassionate, strong, persuasive rather than aggressive, good communicators, tactful and diplomatic. We need leaders who are courageous enough to do what must be done for the benefit of those they govern. Leaders who understand that ALL persons, regardless of creed, gender or nationality have a right to basic human needs.

Good leadership doesn’t come easy, especially given the state of our world at this time. Something else that we need to be aware of is that the leaders we choose for our country also have an affect on other countries. We are no longer a solitary island in the sun.

Those in government in 1945 missed their mandate. Making a fresh start after the atrocities and enormous loss of lives of the second world war, they could not sees the opportunities written in the Universal Time Cycles governing that very important time in history. They missed the chance to bring the 20th Century to a close that ensured the best possible launch into the 21st Century and the new millennium, the millennium whose mandate is peace, light and co operation. Yes, co operation is a main player for the stability and prosperity of our nation and our world.

Our current World Time Cycle tells us we have arrived at a time in our evolution where people power has the edge. What we need to do as individuals is to make sure that we align ourselves with a people power that is for good, for us and for others, for humanity. We need to choose leaders who stand for peace and who will work for peaceful outcomes, now, before we reach ‘tipping point.’

As individuals we need to be as we want the world to be – living in peace and harmony with everyone with whom we share our life. The reality is that we can never have peace and harmony in our world if we as individuals are not prepared to realise it in our own lives first. Only in this way will we know world peace – when we have it in our own lives, and in our own homes first. From here it will radiate and grow into our communities and the greater world.

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