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 I love these words by Paul Coelho, because they ring so true for me, how about you?

There’s so much happening in our lives that can be missed when we fail to detach ourselves from the rush that we have come to accept as normal. It reminds me of a dream my brother had not long after our mother passed away… She asked him how he was and what he was doing, to which he replied, “You know  mum, I’m always rushing, there’s always so much to do.” To which she commented, “Here there is no rush, here there is only peace and tranquility.” For sure, we were not meant to live at race speed, numbers reflect this, nor is it only in the world of “no time, space or frontiers” that offers this peace and tranquility.

Apart from being paramount for our good health and wellbeing, both peace and tranquility is needed if we wish to connect to the world of Spirit, that world of timelessness, intuitive guidance and conscious awareness. Feelings are the connectors between the physical world and the world from which we came,   the connectors between humanity and Divinity…

Numbers tell me that this millennium is when we will make this connection en masse..we’re 16 years in, there’s no need to wait any longer. Are you ready?


Words of Wisdom are intended to inspire and awaken you to your true potential, encouraging and helping you live true to the unique person you were born to be…

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