Your Destiny is what Life gives you, how you respond to

it, creates your life.


You could sometimes think that your response to your Destiny, to the experiences Life brings you, doesn’t carry much clout, doesn’t make much of a difference. But that’s not true.

Sure, life can be so challenging at times that we can fall in an emotional heap and take to our corner. Like many of you, I have also experienced this. But to stay in your corner indefinitely would be the most tragic response, and even more debilitating than any tough experience Life could ever bring you.

Still find this hard to believe? Here’s proof for you-

Check out this video and see for yourself how powerful your response to Life can be. Ask yourself where little Lacey Merrifield would be if she didn’t think her response to her Destiny was more powerful in shaping her life than Destiny itself. Where would she be if she had decided to remain in her corner because life was too hard?


If you’re still in your corner, perhaps this will give you the courage to venture out and once more respond to your Life from your highest self, from your place of influence.

Your Destiny is what Life gives you, how you respond to it, creates your life. Your responses will shape your future, in this way you co create your life.


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