You were born to be the Maestro of your grand

orchestra, and your life was intended to be your

greatest symphony..


 As Maestro of your orchestra, you need to know in which capacity your soloist numbers are here to stand out.


Not many of us can say we’ve played in an orchestra, but most of us have a general idea of what an orchestra is and how it functions. We know every musical instrument is there to support the symphony being orchestrated. We also know that if one instrument is out of tune, it can upset the whole symphony.

 In addition, we know there’s a person in charge of the orchestra who directs all the musicians – the Maestro. The Maestro decides which of the musical instruments play solo and which play to support the soloist. Without the Maestro to direct, the various musical instruments would not come together in cohesion and harmony, with the result being anything from unenjoyable to catastrophic.

While you may not be a grand orchestra Maestro, you were definitely born to be the Maestro of your grand orchestra. And your life was intended to be your greatest symphony.

Your stack of numbers which are reflected in your Life Profile chart, clearly indicate which of your numbers are intended to direct your life, like the soloist who stands out, and which are there to support and promote your directive numbers.

Together with your orchestra of numbers, you, the Maestro must take charge and direct those qualities in you which are intended to stand out, like the soloist, and those which are intended to play a supporting role.

Sometimes as Maestro of our orchestra, we allow supportive numbers to take charge and direct our life because we mistakenly think it’s easier. But in reality it’s not, as we can painfully discover. Imagine the disruptions and chaos if an orchestra Maestro allowed a musical instrument a solo role when its job was to harmonise with, and support the orchestra. It would do neither to its capacity.

As Maestro of your orchestra, you need to know in which capacity your soloist numbers are here to stand out – As a leader or team player, as a builder or creator, in practical or intellectual areas, and so on.

The wonderful realisation is that once you know how to do this and assume authority as Maestro of your orchestra, you will be rewarded with the grandest of all symphonies – living your life’s purpose with success and happiness, in peace and harmony.

















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