Why some people have little success and others
outstanding success..

If you watched the Australian Open women’s final, you would have heard Serena Williams make her Championship acceptance speech. I love that she said this, “If you want to do something, want to be the best you can be at what you do, never give up. You never know what can happen, who you can inspire, who you can influence. “

I don’t have to tell you what an extraordinary athlete Williams is, she never gives up. She’s had it tough, but she keeps going, no excuses. She deals with the challenge at hand and keeps moving through it and she always gives her best on the court.

I’m sharing what I call, The Rules to Success, with you so you too will be encouraged to get to to the top of your game, whatever you have decided that to be.


The Rules to Success –

  • Find your passion, what you love to do, from what comes naturally to you.
  • Skill up your talents, take them to the max!
  • Practise today so you can be better than yesterday. Practise tomorrow so you can be better than today.
  • And if you love it as much as you want it, become it!
  • Persevere, be determined, keep going.
  • Never, never give up.
  • Be grateful in your failures for the opportunity to be courageous, and be grateful in your successes for the opportunity to inspire others.
  • Keep the prize in view, visualise what success would feel like for you. Yes, FEEL it!
  • Know that it’s happening now, not that it’s going to happen, that it IS happening.
  • Stay on course!


And then..

And then when you’re ready, it will happen. Understand that you can’t fool Life, The Chief knows when you’re ready. It can’t be a pretend readiness; it has to be the genuine article. A readiness that can take both the setbacks and the successes, a readiness that’s prepared to swap play for work more than just when necessary. But then if you love what you do, work becomes as enjoyable as play.


Why do some people have little success and others
outstanding success?

The degree of success is dependent on how well you live, love and persevere with The Rules to Success. How much success is dependent on how ready you make yourself, on how much and how well you respond to the experiences Life gives you.

Numbers tell me that Life coaches us for readiness along the way – how we handle the challenges, the setbacks and the triumphs. Do you patch up your wounds and keep going, or do you give up just as The Chief deems you ready for the home run? Remember that part of the coaching lies in not knowing when you’re ready enough.


Don’t give up on your potential – live it, be it, and enjoy the success it brings you!

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