Will the REAL you please stand to receive your

mission, your mandate for your life.


We have such a plethora of names…short ones, long ones, nick names, married names, new names, names we sign with, business names, family names! But which means what, and which carries the most clout in your life? 

The importance of getting to know your name is paramount if you are to live a purposeful and fulfilling life. To know your Destiny is to know your life. 

Your Destiny is written in your birth name. When I prepare a Life Profile chart for a client, I do so based on the name they were given at birth. However, if you were adopted and given a new name, or if you have changed your name through marriage or or for any other reason, your new name will influence the Destiny written in your birth name, but it does not delete it or override it.

I remember when as a girl my mum would send me to the Post Office (no email then!) to mail letters to her family in Italy (which I loved because it meant a bus ride and money for a milkshake). I noticed that the name she wrote as sender was her maiden name. When I asked her why she did this, she told me that in Italy women kept their family names and were known by their family name even after they married. Today more and more women are keeping their family name after marriage.

Every name you use means something to you in some way, however, a name given after your birth name will influence, but not supersede the original. So, when figuring any area of Numerology, including your Life Profile chart, use your FULL birth name.

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