When Life is more non-sense than sense…


It doesn’t appear to matter what age you are, whether a teen, an elder, or somewhere in-between. Sometimes Life doesn’t make sense. We want one thing and we end up with the opposite.

What would it be like if Life did make sense? Stable, secure perhaps, but would it lack excitement, would it lack spontaneity and enthusiasm?

If this was the scenario of everyday life, it might suit a 4, but it would mean misery to a 5, a 1, an 8, a 9, a 3, a 7, a 6. Sooner or later even the 4’s other number mates would complain that they can’t express themselves.

When we go through our day believing that Life is meant to make sense, we can become frustrated and anxious when it doesn’t. Maybe Life is not meant to “make sense.” Well, not the kind of sense that applies solely to one person. Life has to make sense on a far bigger scale than one.

Life is not the cushion of comfort we sometimes wish it to be.Life is meant to shake you and rattle you, to comfort you and reward you…to cry and laugh with you as you experience its highs, lows and in-betweens.

And in all this, within all this non-sense of Life, we are encouraged to do one thing, and it’s the grandest thing of all – to evolve into conscious beings.

To be so conscious that when Life rattles you with its non-sense, you feel the rattle but at the same time you are at peace with it. You come to see every experience as an opportunity to shine brighter in some way, in your own unique and beautiful way.

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