What an interest this has created! To all of you, and there were many of you who commented on my Facebook and Twitter pages – thank you! Your answers were most enlightening!

The first part of this was to demonstrate how we can all look at the same thing yet interpret a different meaning and still be right.

This little exercise has hopefully encouraged us to be more understanding when others don’t see what we see.

As many of you know this image comes from Michelangelo’s extraordinary and beautiful painting of The Creation, which graces the Sistine Chapel ceiling in Rome. I have always loved this scene of the fingertips touching, yet not touching …but it was just the other day that I was able to see the symbolic meaning here.

With all our varied interpretations, I wondered if Michelangelo had painted this scene for us non art critics, to explore its spiritual element as we have done here. I have to wonder if he himself infused his own personal meaning into this. I would like to say yes, he did!

As for, me this reflects life itself!

We have Adam’s finger on the left and God’s finger on the right. When we observe Adams finger we can see that it’s rather nonchalant, somewhat cool and casual, with no visible effort to make a connection.

To me, this reflects an Adam who’s thinking, “Do I really want to? What if it’s all too much? Perhaps it’s easier for me to just remain as I am, as an earth human and nothing more. Being infused with the Divine is a bit too much…having access to consciousness, being able to understand Life, what if it’s not all it’s cracked up to be? I want to think about it for a while…

God’s finger, on the right, demonstrates a directness, a like-mindedness, and a given that the touch, the connection, is inevitable – yet stopping just short of making that connection.

As God senses Adam’s trepidation, He stops short of the touch, stops short of activating the consciousness already given. I hear God saying, “I love you so much that I want you to walk beside me, to be a part of me, for this is who you are. But I shall not force you to accept what is yours… you must be ready, you must make the choice.”

My interpretation of the symbolism is that we are given talents, character, capabilities, possibilities. We are born with all these…but it’s up to us to make these shine. To build our character, to skill up our talents, to use our capabilities and to turn our possibilities into actualities.

This is a lifetime achievement – every effort we make here, every step we take in becoming who we were born to be, who we truly are, brings us closer to making that connection, brings us closer to that touch with consciousness itself.

The wonderful thing is that it all starts with willingness, and once we are willing to make this connection, the activation begins…. Are you ready?


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  1. August 21, 2014 at 11:25 pm — Reply

    I completely agree Anna, the picture sends a message to all of humanity. I believe Adam hands represent our freewill. That God hold us in his love even for those that don’t believe. That no matter the choices we made in life, the Creator is waiting for you. When we accept this and open our hearts to God the feeling of lack, and limitations fall away to free the divine being we all are.
    Great topic to think about for the day.
    Thanks, Anna

    • August 25, 2014 at 10:56 am — Reply

      Thank you for your inspiring interpretation Sandra. You get a big Amen from me!

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