Born on the 13th, 1+3=4, he likes to have control, but ironically his BN and other prominent numbers in his profile say otherwise.


I was saddened to hear about Ian Thorpe’s depression and admittance to a rehabilitation facility. Like you, I wish him good health! He is a champion and winner of numerous medals for competitive swimming, including Olympic gold. So what do his numbers say, what’s going on? 

When you know what’s going on in your life, when you understand the meaning and purpose behind Life’s experiences, the fear and anxiety is minimised. This knowledge and understanding provides you with the necessary strategies necessary to enable you to respond to Life for the best possible outcome.

Here’s what Ian Thorpe’s numbers reflect:

He’s a Birth Number 7 – he’s a perfectionist and specialist, we all know that, but he is also introspective; he’s a thinker, he expects so much from himself, he questions everything. This can then go into overload because his mind just keeps going. Top that with an additional 7 in his name and all of the above is intensified.  

 Born on the 13th, 1+3=4, he likes to have control, but ironically his BN and other prominent numbers in his profile say otherwise. They tell him to release the controls, and allow his intuitive and spiritual guidance, which is so strong in him, to steer him. 

We have a combination of practical, intuitive and sensing numbers all vying for centre stage. In Thorpe’s Life Purpose profile, his practical numbers are not intended to take centre stage but to support his intuitive and sensing numbers.

With a 9 Heart, he feels things so deeply. This number can also make people susceptible to addictive behaviour, but it doesn’t have to happen, it can be avoided by responding from the positive aspect of this number.

From his 27th to his 31st year, something happened that turned his life upside down. He’s out of this now and in a 21 name experience. This reflects that he’s looking at life, but he’s not seeing things in their true perspective.  

His PY number 11/2 tells me he’s experiencing problems relating to people, even those close to him. Some relationships will be reassessed during this time.

Right now his sensitivity to what people say to him and about him is at an all time high. He is extremely sensitive to how others treat him. He can feel small and insignificant.

He needs to surround himself with broadminded people, with people who not only have his best interest at heart, but who have a positive attitude and can help him work through this from various perspectives.

He is still a champion, he has success numbers written for this time in his profile, but he needs to understand that his success is taking him in a different direction.

Wishing him every joy and happiness!


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