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a perfect example of the intensity and drive for accomplishment of the number 8.

A perfect example of the immense challenges and obstacles faced by the 8.

And a perfect example of the magnamanous achievement which is offered by the number 8.



Nelson Mandela was a Birth Number 8 and a 9 Destiny. The Birth Number reflects who he was, his character and talents. His Destiny Number reflects the way in which he was to use all that he was. The Destiny provides the platform.

Mandela’s life clearly shows the intensity of his 8 BN and the struggles he faced. It is not as some think, a lucky number, however, when the individual is prepared to step up and meet its requirements, it always delivers on its promise of success, achievement, authority, power, recognition and wealth- on a grand scale!

Mandela’s 9 Destiny provided the world as his platform – I always say, the 9 is for the world! And there is no limit for success, love and philanthropy wrapped up in the number 9 when you are willing to step up to its requirements. And its requirements are non-negotiable – forgiveness, compassion, understanding, universal love and giving without asking “what’s in it for me?”  

Nelson Mandela, we thank you for living true to the person you were born to be. We thank you for fulfilling your mandate, because in doing so you leave the world in a better place. A.B.

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