There’s an undeniable sadness as I write this – I am almost at the point of  tears. Though I was still a child when JFK was assassinated, I remember hearing about the tragedy with great clarity and deep feeling.



 We were still living at “the old house,” at Eastwood. My mum was in the kitchen and I was watching TV, it was a hot summer’s Saturday afternoon in Sydney (Friday in the U.S.). I can’t remember what I was watching, but I remember the show being interrupted with the news that John Kennedy had been assassinated. 

While history books and the media fill us in on what JFK was like as The Man, as the President of the United States, I wanted to know what he was like as a human being, as one of us. So this morning I profiled his life… that’s what I do when I want to get a “behind the scenes,” view on someone or something that captures my interest. I’m happy to share this mini profile into the beautiful soul who came to earth in the “human suit” that the world came to know as JFK.

Born on the 29th day of May in 1917. He comes in with a 16/7 Birth Number, a 13/4 Heart, a 15/6 Life Achievement Number, a 17/8 Destiny, and an 8 on his Physical Plane. The combination of these numbers, the way they are stacked together, tells me that success was in “his pocket,” so to speak. When he came to power he was in  6 Personal Year Cycle – another number which in his Life Profile chart spelled success. But the experiences and challenges Life had deemed for him, tells a different story.

From birth until his assassination on the 22nd November 1963, his opportunity numbers of 7, 11/2 and 9, combined with his challenge numbers of 3, 7 and 4 reflect the difficult challenges Life presented him. When I look at JFK’s Life Profile chart I see the immense potential he was given for success. I see that with that came great challenges which offered him but two choices – a retreat, or a rise to meet the challenges and make a difference for a better world.

On that fatal day in November of  1963, he was in an 8 Personal Year Cycle – the 8 being his Destiny number tells us something. The Universal Day number for the 22/11/1963 was a 7. JFK’s personal day number was a 5. This paints the picture – among other things, the 7 brings a degree of loss. And when the 5 is active, which is the number of change, I say, “expect the unexpected.” The time between 8.00am and 4.00pm on that day was also under the influence of the 5. When we get a combination of these numbers operative at the same time, something’s gotta give! 

What would I have said if I was advising him about that day? “The numbers are not conducive for the 22nd Mr President, let’s look at another day.”

As I look at Kennedy’s LPC, I see a human being who did not define himself by his debilitating health problems, nor his personal tragedies of loss and pain. He was a human being who faced the immense challenges Life gave him, and rose to fulfil his purpose and mandate to the best of his ability. 

This is all you and I are ever asked to do – to take the opportunities Life gives us, to meet Life’s challenges,  and rise to fulfil our mandate, our purpose, to the best of our ability.   



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