In the case of a birth name and then a new name given at adoption, which carries the greater potential for the individual?



When you request a consultation, the first thing I do  is email you what I call “a client details form”. The information you give me (mainly your DOB and NAB), allows me to prepare your personal Life Profile chart for your consultation. On that form is included, and I quote:

N.B.  If you were adopted we ask that you supply the name you were given at birth if possible, as well as your adopted name.

When a name is given at birth and then another by the adoptive parents, I prepare two charts; one for each name. I do this so I can obtain the most accurate information for my client. Interestingly, but not surprisingly, I find that the name experience recorded in their birth name most often runs parallel with their adoptive name. Quite often the birth name experience supports the adoptive name. 

The Destiny is written in the full name given at birth, however when a new name is given so close to one’s birth name, it must also be taken into account. Neither can be totally dismissed in favour of the other.


Lots of people have nicknames. What does your nickname say about you?

A nickname adds a subtle effect to one’s personality, one that is more indicative of what the name means to the giver, rather that the person given it. It’s a little like giving someone a hat and saying – “I like that on you; it makes you look like a rock star, it really suits you! “

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