MARION BARTOLI is known for her unorthodox style of play using two hands on both her forehand and backhand. She “takes fierce pride in being different, as a person, as a tennis player, as a stylist. She was challenged by an American television network this week to recite the Fibonacci sequence, and rose to it. That’s different.” (

“Now Bartoli has one other significant point of difference: consequent on an abjectly one-sided final on Saturday, she is the Wimbledon champion…” even if “she has had to wait longer to win one (a grand slam) than any other player in history.”

Her difference, her quest for perfection in her own specialised way, is evident in her Birth Number 7. The 7’s are here to use their intuitive guidance in the real world, in a specialised way. They are born to stand out, and life can be tough when you stand out – that is, until you finally accept and love that you are different, that you do stand out!

Most give up on their dream before it has time to mature and become the real thing. Before you throw in the towel on your dream, read what the new Wimbledon champion had to say about her journey to the top, “You start at five or six,” she said. “When you decide to turn pro, your dream is to win a Grand Slam. You dream about it every single day. It’s something that you dream about for maybe a million hours. You went through pain, you went through tears, you went through low moments, and then it actually happened.” (

Bartoli is in an 8 year, which among other things brings public recognition for past efforts and a step up the ladder of success. Her age number 3, reflects the importance of this year (October 2012-October 2013) year on her Destiny, which is also a 3. She’s on track, what about you?

Numbers reflect life – past, present and future…what are your numbers reflecting about your life?


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