Some years ago a well known celebrity came to me for a consultation. She asked me if she would ever meet a loving man, marry and have children.  I looked at her Life Profile, there on the desk in front of me. I told her what her numbers were reflecting – the opportunity for a relationship and family was there, and would be there for the next three years, but of course the choice to take it or reject it, was totally hers.

The next I heard from her was two years later, when she told me that she had met a wonderful man, they married and were now the  proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. And, would I do a Life Profile chart for her baby?

So when you ask me, “Will I marry? Will I be wealthy, happy, successful, a famous movie star?” I can tell you if that’s what’s written in your Life Profile, along with the timing, but it’s up to you to say “yes” or “no” to the offer.  You see, just as I am not a fortune teller, you  are not a robot. Your Life Profile reveals what’s possible for you, what is being offered to you and how to attain it – but it leaves the choice of taking it or rejecting it up to you.

When Peter (not his real name) came to see me for a consultation I told him that his Life Profile stated that he would make lots of money. His answer was that he didn’t have a lot of money. “That may be”, I said, “but you’ve made money, you’ve had lots of money. What did you do with it?” He agreed that he had made quite a lot of money, but regrettably, he spent it as quickly as he made it. Your choice to respond to the opportunities Life offers you, is yours alone.

Think of your Life Profile as your own personal GPS, prepared for your life’s journey, with all the guidelines, showing you every challenge and how to meet it, every opportunity and how to take it – all this is written in your Life Profile, in your personal GPS. Now ask yourself if you’re ready to step up to what’s been so lovingly and accurately provided for you by that Higher Power, or will you continue to struggle through life in a hit or miss fashion?

For me, Numbers are sacred, spiritual – they are a reflection of life itself. They are embedded with  your mandate, your life’s purpose. They are a language I speak fluently and understand very well. B cause of this, I can interpret  their meaning on your behalf  – if you so choose. Consultations can be in person or via Skype.

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