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Sometimes people think that if you’ve lived through cancer, it wasn’t the killer type. But I know that’s not right. Unfortunately all cancers carry the potential to kill.

In 2005, I was diagnosed with cancer. Since then, many beautiful people I meet through my work and my personal life want to know what I did to beat it. They want to know what I did to survive it.

It’s for this reason that in my 8th year since diagnosis, I am writing about it, with the intention of answering your questions honestly, personally, and in a way that promotes hope and good health in all. I must tell you that I am not a medical person. What I share here is not intended as medical advice.

My diagnosis-


  • Breast cancer – large tumour, 5cm in diameter.
  • Grade – an nth of the “we can do nothing more for you.”
  • Lymph node cancer – it was on the move!

The words that changed my life – post surgery-

“I’m sorry I cannot give you better news.”

The words that saved my life – post surgery-


If I did my job well, and I know I did, then you are now cancer free.”

“But we want to be sure – given the size and grade of the tumour and that the cancer has travelled to other parts of your body, we want you to have chemotherapy and radiotherapy.”

My mainstream medical therapy-


  • Three months of heavy duty chemo, followed by
  • 30 shots of daily radiation, followed by
  • Another three months of chemo, just in case the first missed anything.


Side affects-

Apart from feeling neither dead nor alive, nausea, aches and pains, the grey chemo look, loss of hair etc. there were two other side affects that I do not often hear about – anxiety and panic.  Do you know a cancer patient who’s experienced anxiety and panic as an affect of chemotherapy?


Alternate therapy-

Alternate medicine was not knew to me – but when a friend said she was surprised that I was having chemotherapy and radiation, my answer was honest: “I do not have the luxury of waiting to see if one works before trying the other. “

When I told my oncologist I wanted to take vitamin supplements, his comeback was that I didn’t need them. Being one who is not deterred by opposition, I insisted that they make me feel better – he wisely and graciously relented.

Your mind calls the shots-


Maintaining a positive approach – This was stressed to me both by my oncologist and naturopath.

  • Stay positive, and do not give up. I encourage you to take an active part in your treatment.  This is not only empowering, it is also essential for healing.
  • After one person rang to see how I was and proceeded to tell me her neighbour died from breast cancer the previous year, I cut the conversation short. I made it my choice to only allow positive people in my space, especially during my treatment when I was so vulnerable.
  • I watched happy and funny movies.
  • I listened to beautiful music.
  • I accepted the help offered to me, and this was a difficult change  for me – When you have been a doer all your life, learning to be on the receiving end can be tough. Yet, I knew this was a learning curve I needed to accept.
  • I continued my conversations with God. But this was not something new to me. I have always conversed with Him, but after cancer I realised I had not always listened to Him. He tried to make me see I was born to enjoy life. Sadly and to our own detriment, it can sometimes take a sledgehammer to make us listen.

How I stayed positive-

  • I meditated 3 times per day-
  • My meditation is a combination of deep relaxation, self hypnosis and life enhancing affirmations (get free download of “Giorga’s Prayer” on my website). I still do this, though once a day now. I also use this combination in my Life Purpose counselling sessions with my clients.
  • As the chemo was being intravenously delivered, I told myself that it was life giving – promoting good health and wellbeing to every part of my body. This was extremely important to me, as I had an aversion to chemicals entering my body. I knew I needed to turn this around and make it a positive thing, if it was going to work.

My daily vitamin intake-


  • Vitamin C powder – 2000mg
  • Zinc
  • B complex
  • Transfer Factor Classic
  • I had just completed my treatment when my naturopath discovered Transfer Factor. This is an immune booster derived from colostrum found in egg and cow’s milk. I take the Transfer Factor Classic – it is derived from cow’s milk, not egg – I have an egg allergy. She recommended that I take it to build up my immune system. I still take it today though I have now reduced from 6 per day to 2 per day. This product is available from 4Life Research in your capital city OR various online suppliers



  • I followed a high alkaline diet –
  • As close to a ratio of 80% alkaline to 20% acid as I could
  • Green vegetables are alkaline
  • Proteins such as meat, fish, etc. are acid
  • I had a vegetable juice of carrots and celery every afternoon (alkaline)
  • I drank green tea
  • I ate a small amount of protein with every meal – my naturopath told me this was necessary to build new cells, as you know chemo works by killing the fast growing cells in the body. She suggested a pure protein drink when I couldn’t stomach solid food.


*There are books on sale that indicate the alkalinity and acidity in foods

I still maintain a balance of these today, though not as strictly. In our home we have a big green salad after every meal – to add to the alkaline count.

Radiation treatment-

  • Someone told me about “a powder” that wasn’t a powder to help stop radiation burn. It was an absolute God send!  As far as I know it is not available in shops, but after so many requests for this, it will soon be available through my website. If you need it NOW, please email me here:

Releasing the stress, prevention is the best option when possible-

  • The stress epidemic – science is now telling us that stress is a big player in diseases and illnesses, which carry the potential to destroy good health and even kill.
  • If I was to interview people who have experienced life threatening diseases like cancer, I’m certain that in the previous 10 years of their lives they had contracted what I call, “toxic stress.”
  • “Toxic stress” is not your everyday kind of stress, such as being late for work, or your car not starting. Toxic stress is when you find yourself in a situation where you are convinced there is no chance of getting yourself out – living in an environment in which you have given away your power, knowingly or unknowingly, has the potential to create illness and disease. disturbances .
  • If you are living in circumstances, which render you powerless, do something to resolve it. Seek help if you need it. If you are currently in such a situation please, please, seek a solution.

Releasing the fear-


  • If you’ve experienced cancer, please understand that you cannot return to the life that created it and hope that it won’t re occur. Take whatever steps you need to release the “toxic stress” which contributed to the disease in the first place.
  • Something I did without knowing that I did it at the time, was to release the need to control the outcome. I told God that I was not ready to return “home”, and that I intended to do everything in my power, everything humanly possible to avoid it, I still had so much to do in this life. “But,” I said to Him, “If it’s an absolute must that You want me “home” now, then so be it.”
  • In other words, if my contract was up for this life, then I was prepared to go “home.” I accepted that I might die.


  • Only when we release the need to control the outcome, can we release the fear and allow healing to take place.

Your thoughts and experiences are most welcome,  please post here if you have something to share.

May you come to know the love and power that is within you, and may you come to use it to bring good health and prosperity in your life and the lives of those who share your day. Anna B.

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  1. Alice
    March 14, 2013 at 5:54 pm

    Thank you so much for this Anna. I too was diagnosed with cancer about 8 years ago and worked with my naturopath closely as well as my medical practitioner. I followed a very similar diet to you as well all the other things to relieve stress and build my immunity. After 9 months of complete lifestyle changes I was completely cured of cancer. Luckily I did not go through chemo but was at the risk of having my entire reproductive system removed.

    I count my blessings till this day and I truly believe that illness ultimately is the disease of the mind and not the body. The body is a reflection of whats happening in the minds. Once I could work on what caused it in the first place that I could help my body heal. If it’s done the other way around, the cancer seems to return and return again. Thanks for sharing your story with us. You’re such an inspiration.

    • March 15, 2013 at 5:13 am

      Thank you Alice – may you continue to enjoy good health and all the good things in life. x