New pope set to take up residence in the Vatican-


The conclave of cardinals is set to gather on the 12th March to elect a new leader, a new Pope for the world’s Catholics.

What do the numbers hold for this date? What’s their mandate – what must be considered?

The number 3, with the 0 in Challenge position, governs the day. Those taking part must be visionaries – they must look to where they want Catholicism to be in the future, look to what they want the church to represent to its followers and to the world.

Interestingly, when the 3 is in balance of body, mind and spirit, it is considered to be the most perfect of numbers. Is it mere coincidence that these qualities, the qualities of the 3 are reflected on this day? No – it is factual numeric data represented in Universal Time Cycles and their mandates.

The optimism of the 3 must be maintained in that the person elected is the right man for the job. At the same time, it is paramount that the Cardinals in the conclave do not mistakenly assume a negative optimism, which could have them believe that the church can continue to prosper under the leadership of someone who is not willing to bring the equality and balance so desperately needed.

The 3 also represents the child, and coincides with the mandate for this century. Children’s rights must be given priority – injustices against children must be dealt with – past, present and future.

The 0 in Challenge position means that all of the above is non-negotiable!

May the “red capped and red sashed men” who take up their seats on this day, follow the mandates of Universal Time Cycles as indicated and bring a more Christ like representation within itself and amongst its people. Anna B.

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