“Murray claims first British men’s grand slam victory since Fred Perry in 1936 and says: ‘I’m sure he’s smiling from up there that someone has finally managed to do it from Britain’”(

This is another perfect example of  when preparedness meets opportunity, and its inevitable outcome – SUCCESS! Andy Murray – we have watched him try and fail so many times! But what’s important is that he kept trying, he didn’t give up and his determination, skill and hunger for victory finally delivered him the most coveted prize – his first grand slam and the first for Britain since 1936!

Andy Murray is in  16/7 Personal Year – Yes! it’s a Karmic experience! A Karmic experience brings back to us what we have put out in previous years, in previous experiences – and it’s not always bad as some would have you believe. Murray’s win is evidence of good karma in action. So if you want something- skill up, keep practising to perfection and when the time is right it will come to you. What’s your most prized goal?

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