As I wrote here before the election, numerically speaking, it was a day when the unexpected was likely to occur and it did. Most of you expected it to be close, but most did not expect a state of Limbo to be the result.

And as I have been saying for years, it’s all about the influence of the number 2. If you have doubted this before, continue to doubt at your unsuccess!

The powerful number 2 has played its card in forcing all parties to come together in peaceful negotiation! It’s the way of the Universe – it’s the 2 way or the highway. I love it! This number is bringing people together, so you might as well work with it or you’ll get left behind.

As much as I enjoy a laugh at the antics of Barnaby Joyce, he needs to leave that attitude behind him and get in bed with the number 2 if he wants to be a positive contribution to his party.

The same applies to the Labor heavies. They need to realise that their push over tactics will no longer work and so it’s in bed with the number 2 for them if they want to be a positive contribution to their party.

Julia Gillard needs to be true to the woman she is if she is to gain the power that has so far eluded her. Her part in rolling KR and assuming leadership in such a fashion was not in line with the mandate of the number 2. She would do well as her Destiny calls her, to understand that she is capable in her own right. It was her pride numbers which prompted her to accept leadership at the expense of KR and ultimately her own expense. Her fear of “missing out” clouded her true identity as the leader she was born to be. Had she complied with the number 2 expectations and waited on the sidelines for what was to be, she would have been elected in her own right and in her own power!

Which leads me to The Abbott – why was everyone so surprised that he kept his cool? He has stacks of 2’s in his chart, which gives him the feminine qualities of the number 2 so needed to bring peace in today’s world.

Whether you are man or a woman – adopt the qualities of the 2 and you are on your way to success and prosperity!

22 August 2010 – Anna Belcastro
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