No doubt you’ve heard or read that we live in interesting times? Well baby, today’s US presidential inauguration of Barack Obama is clearly an event that defines the very meaning of that statement – yes we do live in interesting times!

Obama is the 44th President of the USA. From the double 4’s adding to an eight and with his RC number totalling to an 8 for his first year – wait there’s more – plus the world being in a 224/8 major cycle, he really has his work cut out for him! But you know what? If anyone can make a difference, it’s this man. His qualifications are different to his predecessors – his qualifications are precisely the ones needed to take us forward.

Those of you who have a copy of my book, Numbers do not Lie, will no doubt have read the words I am quoting here from page 34, “The World in 2009”: Those individuals, groups, leaders and governments that are on the path of enlightenment and spiritual awareness can move forward devoid of any fear or apprehension… In 2009 our relationships with others will be paramount….The year is about achievements and success which will come about only through diplomatic and tactful means…Those that understand the importance of this message and in turn implement working and living with others in peace and harmony with equality and justice will indeed flourish…Peace or crisis; that is the choice for 2009. This year’s number vibration challenges humanity to work together towards universal peace, to work together by negotiating terms and conditions, which will benefit everyone concerned…If the government in power at this time has the intelligence to blend power with spirit, to understand that we are all custodians and keepers of this planet then our future will be secure, enabling us to move forward with peace and confidence. (published in 2005)
Now, I ask you – as you read these words, do they not ring true to the intentions of President Obama?

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